Marc L Meisel, CEO, Meisel Holdings Managed ServicesMarc L Meisel, CEO
From being initially reluctant to get into the commercial real estate business to building Meisel Holdings as a premium company, Marc L Meisel’s journey has been nothing less of a roller coaster.

Marc comes from a family that has been in the commercial real estate business for two generations. However, buying property and leasing out space was not something very exciting for him. What came as a breakthrough was his interest in the hotel business. “Although the premise was the same as the rest of the commercial real estate, you could change the economics and profitability daily. And every day you had to be on your toes to make operations as proficient as possible,” Marc adds.

It did not take long for him to gravitate toward the hotel business as the asset manager of a hotel that his family-owned. At this point, he realized that the management companies that were responsible for running the hotels had little or no liability regarding the properties’ performance, and also, they didn’t share the same financial concerns as the owner. Over time Marc found himself doing the job of the management companies that he hired. As a result, he decided to manage the properties and proceeded to open Meisel Holdings Managed Services, a hotel management company, for the Meisel Holdings growing hotel portfolio.

Over the years, Meisel Holdings Managed Services developed its own SOP’s, and marketing techniques and procured and developed systems while building a great foundation of talent. More importantly, it received numerous awards and started to get recognized by peers. Gradually, Marc headed toward offering other hotel owners hotel management services. “We have the unique ability to look at a hotel from the ownership perspective unlike a traditional feebased management company,” mentions Marc, who is currently donning the role of CEO at Meisel Holdings.
With the experience and knowledge in every aspect of the hotel industry, Meisel Holdings Managed Services truly thrives at focusing on the details, analyzing each aspect of a hotel to the most granular level. This approach has allowed them to be difference-makers in the industry.

Recently, hotels that Meisel Holdings Managed Services have managed have been the recipients of numerous awards and accolades, such as being ranked the #1 hotels in their respective markets in Fodors, US News, and World Reports, Yelp, and Trip Advisor. One of its managed hotels was ranked #6 in the United States overall, and Meisel Holdings Managed Services were also awarded the #3 hotel in the United States for offering the best customer service.

For Meisel Holdings Managed Services, there is a balance to achieve when it comes to technology. The company uses technologies to make itself much more efficient and organized and better understand who its customers are, how to reach them, and make their stay a better one. Further, a deep contact list of quality suppliers—that supplies Meisel Holdings Managed Services with fair pricing and over-the-top customer service in each category—enables it to streamline certain processes to accomplish tasks faster. This allows the company to spend time focusing on the hotel and less on searching and experimenting with vendors.

Meisel Holdings Managed Services operates by consensus and seriously considers all the inputs to solve a problem or make an operation better. Further, while developing new properties, the company follows the latest trends and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (Leed) certifications to limit the carbon footprint and ensure a greener operation.
  • We have the unique ability to look at a hotel from the ownership perspective unlike a traditional fee-based management company

Another area that Meisel Holdings Managed Services is investing in is technology to operate efficiently with clients’ property management systems, various digital marketing techniques, Wi-Fi systems, and data security. Allowing the company to stay ahead of the technology curve while remainingvigilant against cybersecurity breaches. “We look to open new hotels as well as replace management companies at existing properties, showing hotel owners what a difference a management company can make,” concludes Marc.