Live casinos are devoting themselves to further deploying technologies in the hopes of providing a secure and fun experience for consumers

FREMONT, CA: Without a doubt, technology advancements play a major role in every industry, and it is expected that this tendency will become even more essential in the future. This is the same in the case of the casino industry. The rise in popularity of online casinos has grabbed the attention of the gaming community in recent times. After the life-changing year of 2020- 2021 promises to bring stability and current advances together to create a more immersive gaming experience in online casinos. Some technological features have helped to bring the live casino concept to a wider audience. They are as follows.

Cameras and Teleconferencing Equipment

The most innovative live casino operators have done their best to replicate the experience of being in physical gaming even when a player is sitting in their home looking at a laptop or smartphone. To do this, they have cordoned off sections of their establishments and surrounded them with cameras. Depending on the type of games being offered, they might deliver various angles to show players that the games are being played fairly. This offers an experience that's much closer to what one might have experienced in an actual casino. 

New Technologies in GCU Boxes

Every table that offers live casino services requires having a GCU box attached to it. These usually contain a microcontroller and boot media that contains a valid install of an open-source operating system and a series of codecs. The GCU encodes the video that's broadcast and makes sure that there are no delays involved with getting the feed to individual consumers. These normally depend on transport layer security to guard any financial credentials that pass to and from a casino operator's endpoints.

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Sophisticated Databases 

As the legal landscape changes, live casino operators have been able to add sports betting to their list of services. Offering these services needs providers to come up with some way to feed statistics to players and the casinos themselves. Distributed database software works by implementing a portion of the software inside of a cookie served to customer devices. The remainder of the database is run from a cloud-powered infrastructure.

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