Hoteliers must consider the eco-friendly technologies that will assist them to reach their sustainability goals and also decrease their carbon footprint.

FREMONT, CA: Sustainability in hospitality has become an essential issue for today’s environmentally-aware tourists. As more people realize the effects that climate change has on a global scale, they are becoming more cautious about protecting the green. The trend of “green travel” has forced the hoteliers to take actions by implementing sustainable solutions for attracting more customers. 

Below are the technologies that hoteliers are following while building or renovating a property to meet their sustainability goals.

1. Adding Sustainable Fitness Equipment

Hotels have started adding more innovative features and programs in their fitness rooms to offer their guests at an added price. The traditional fitness equipment often keeps on running even when they are not in use, wasting a lot of power and energy. To prevent such occurrences, hotels have started using cordless cardio equipment that does not require any skill. Even, many hotels are also trying to implement sustainable fitness equipment which operates by capturing human power and turn it into utility-grade electricity.

2. Switch to LEDs

Hoteliers can cut down on their electricity wastage and bill by switching from compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) to LED lights. LEDs are more versatile than CFL, and the bulbs also last longer.

3. Use Occupancy Sensors

Another method to save energy is by implementing occupancy sensors in the guestrooms. If a guest forgets to switch off their light, then occupancy sensors will automatically determine that if there is no activity in the room and switch the lights off. The sensors can also be used for automating other energy-saving measures, like adjusting the room temperature.

4. Incorporate Sustainable Power Sources

Installation of sustainable power sources such as solar panels will help the hotels to conserve a lot of electricity. Solar panels in the right location of a hotel can reduce the necessity and cost for gas or electricity.

5. Install Energy-Efficient Windows

Smart technology windows such as electrochromic glass can also help the hotels to reduce heat and electricity costs. The users can control the amount of heat or light that will pass through the glass, giving them the ability to regulate the natural light or temperature. This feature does not only save energy and reduce the necessity of electricity, but it also saves money.

Hotels must always look for new systems or trends that will help them to reduce wastage of water or energy and make them a bit more responsible environmentally.

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