FREMONT, CA: AI has been steadily entering every sphere of our society for more than a decade. The casino industry is already deploying AI-run algorithms to improve the overall gaming experience. The principal focus is on online casino slots as they seem to be too exposed and easy to interfere with. However, casino games are still now not employing AI that would affect the gameplay directly, and neither can the players use AI to make casino games work in their favor.

Games Affected by AI:

AI has been part and parcel of the gaming industry for quite a long time, in one way or the other. A notable example of AI deployment can be observed in first-person shooter (FPS) games where the programs “think for themselves” and learn about players’ movements to create a strategy and defeat them.

AI has become so interlinked with contemporary video games that it is almost impossible to think of a game that does not use the support of robotics, non-player characters (NPCs) and objects. Nonetheless, casino games are still lagging in comparison to regular video games because AI is used mainly by providers to improve user experience on online gambling platforms.

AI Affecting Slots:

Return to player (RTP) is one of the most important factors that should be taken into account when choosing an online slot. AI cannot gain insight into how RTP calculation, that is kept secret by software development companies. It is virtually impossible for any AI to jeopardize RTP. However, if the AI can access RTP algorithms, it can seriously affect and alter them. Fortunately, all casino slots have robust security protocols that make it impossible for a harmful technology to infiltrate.

Both AI and RTP are bound to get closer at a certain point in the future and develop each other. AI will gain a more in-depth insight into online casino games and improve them, making the world of virtual gambling much more entertaining over time.