Artificial Intelligence technology has been implemented in the field of guest experience management and best practices have been utilized to offer practical guidance to the IT decision makers, working for hotel properties.


Artificial Intelligence is transforming the guest experience across the travel lifecycle, including the on-property experience, and has scope to accelerate its development to usher in the future of the hotel customer satisfaction program.

Improving the Hotel Guest Experience:

The hotel industry makes use of some key concepts related to the arrival and proliferation of AI-enabled devices as well as explores the working of the tools to enhance the guest experience and get a rapid increase in features and functionality.

Addressing Guest Expectations:

Companies examine different demographic and technological forces that give rise to elevated guest expectations with the AI-enabled solutions, which play an influential role in meeting as well as exceeding the expectations.

Leveraging Guest Personalization:

AI- enabled devices offer access to the right data and can facilitate relevant guest interactions and recommendations meanwhile, automatically take the best next actions depending on the guest’s stated and inferred preferences, interests and behaviors.

Guiding the Guest Journey:

AI plays an imperative role in lending a hand to hotel operators in fueling different elements of the guest journey and allows them to monitor and assess the inn performance, recognizing any issues that need to be solved.

Operation Hand in Hand with Hotel Staff:

AI’s complementary nature replaces customer service reps, front desk personnel, and other hotel staff to make human work more valuable by enhancing their knowledge, performance, and speed.

The follows are a few critical tips for the hotel operators to keep in mind:

•  AI can reduce the need for human assistance when it comes to answering questions and resolving queries that commonly arise during a guest’s stay, resulting in substantial cost savings.

• The interaction between hotels and guests are witnessing a shift from a request-based to a two-way dialogue, which is far more valuable as AI is driving the evolution of hotel messaging.

• AI drastically improves the in-room guest experience by seamlessly integrating technology-enabled facilities and additionally enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

• AI provides hotels the opportunity to personalize amenities like automated best next action based on guest data.

• AI can point out and solve problems that could potentially destroy guest satisfaction without the need for human interference and further puts forward innovations to advance guest satisfaction.