FREMONT, CA: The travel industry is one of those fields where companies tend to retain customer loyalty and improve the experience with services like hotels, car rentals, and airlines. The hotels that use voice recognition technology furnished as smart rooms enables the guest to control different features of the room via voice commands making the stay convenient. Smart speakers are also set up inside the rooms for the customers to obtain information about anything in the surrounding and communicate with the user through questions and answers.

Chatbots are one of the significant AI-driven automated technologies that are being used by travel companies like airlines, hotels, and travel agents to provide services round the clock to the customer. The use of the device helps the company to respond immediately for any query and enhances the customer experience to a much higher level.

Customizing the user requirement is an essential part of the industry that is taken care of by the technology through the collection of data and automated digital algorithms. To target the right audience for the promotion of the brand, companies distribute content to specific users with those intended interests and browsing habits or of particular demographics, where the promotion can be relevant.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are the technologies which add excitement to the travel for the customers. Where VR headsets hold power to transform the surroundings virtually, AR enhances the real world with additional information with better accessibility through smartphones. VR is being used by the companies to create virtual tours of the hotel rooms for online booking, and on the other hand, AR provides relevant information about a place, hotel, tourist spot or building. Besides VR and AR, the internet of things (IoT) can be used by companies to increase the customer experience as it automatically detects and responds to the conditions and provides location-based services.

In order to make the customer experience secured, robotics can be used to enhance security like detecting weapons at hotels and airports. Companies can provide branded content that can be used by the customer to express their experience on social media platform as well as additional marketing feedbacks about the company in a subtle manner.