FREMONT, CA: Various industries have been diving deep into augmented reality (AR) to satisfy the customer base and to increase their bottom line. Recently, AR has become extremely valuable in the hospitality industry because hotels are now primarily focused on selling their physical environment, which can be enhanced through incorporating virtual on the domain of corporal habitat.

AR's Importance in the Hospitality Industry:

The process of enhancing the physical surroundings to make it more exciting has increased manifold over the years, especially as AR makes information readily available to customers at all times of the day and upgrades their entire experience. AR has a two-fold implementation in the industry, combined with other technologies, like an enterprise asset management (EAM) computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) mobile application.

Few examples of how AR acts as a front-of-the-house notion:

1. Interactive Hotel Rooms: The faculty that enables the customers to view a map of the interior of the room before checking in.

2. Augmented Environments: Hotels are concerned with entertaining their guests other than clichéd activities (swimming/recreation) within the hotel property have led to the development of applications for smartphones to see virtual depictions of celebrities in the hotel.

3. Beacon Technology: With the help of virtual keys in the form of small wireless transmitters, that send signals to nearby smart devices, guests can unlock the doors after checking in through their smartphones.

Integration of AR for Hospitality Workers:

The back-of-the-house needs to function correctly to keep customer satisfaction high and maintain the assets of the property unflawed and in working condition. Managers are persistently contemplating methods to reduce costs, enhance productivity, and keep engineers unharmed while performing their tasks. AR is an excellent example of how workers/engineers can incorporate the tools, propagated by the facility managers with an EAM CMMS solution.

The possibilities of how AR and machine learning can help with energy savings, employee safety, work order, and inventory management are exciting and vast and liable to the successful flourish of the hospitality business worldwide.