FREMONT, CA: The implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a game changer for commercial aviation, bringing in notable changes in the procedure of managing flights today. The world’s pioneering airliner service providers are now deploying AI technologies and tools to deliver a more customized traveling experience to the clientele.

From constructing AI-powered kiosks at airports to automating airline operations and security check-ins, AI plays a more fundamental role in aviation services.  Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and robotics are a few technologies that airlines can use for predictive analytics, pattern identification, automated organization, advertising, and customer feedback analysis, demonstrating positive results for better flight experience.

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Identification of the Passengers:

Check-ins before boarding is a crucial task for any airline and they can take the assistance of AI to do it quickly. The same technology can be used for the identification of the passengers as well to identify potential threats. The introduction of the security scanners latched machine learning will make the process of passenger identification fast and easy for officials.

Baggage Screening:

Examination of baggage is another tedious but essential to authorities to detect illegal items effectively. One of the world’s most important airports is planning to install an AI technology to screen baggage for multiple passenger lanes, which will enhance the customer service manifold.

Assisting Customers:

AI can help a company reduce its operational and labor costs at the same time by aiding customers in resolving issues quickly by getting accurate information on future flight trips on their internet-enabled devices. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is also used in air cargo for different purposes such as revenue management, safety, and maintenance, and it has shown impressive results to date.

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Unlike the software industry, the risks of real-life dangers are high in the aviation sector. Other industries have begun using AI long back, but the adoption of AI in aviation has been one of forethought. As the aviation industry embraces the benefits of AI, it must also ensure checks and balances to reduce and eliminate harmful consequences leading to life-threatening accidents.