Beekeeper establishes communication with the non-desk hotel workers through its funding on an online chat platform.

Fremont, CA: Beekeeper, a provider of a business communication app for many industries, has raised $45 million in funding. Beekeeper is regarded as one of the top travel startups in 2019. The Zurich-based startup is being utilized by many clients from almost 26 industries and is mostly adopted by hotel groups like Hyatt. 

Beekeeper is known explicitly for posting shift schedules, working with task management services such as Expedia’s majority-owned Alice and Amadeus’ Service Optimization Software (formerly called HotSOS), which let hospitality enterprises manage staff work and enable guest communication. Heathrow Airport is highly benefitted by this system that mitigates the need for the staff to make any request for swapping shifts. Through this system, workers can see the schedule changes on their mobile devices and can make requests for exchanging if needed.

Beekeeper’s platform provides a standard consumer-grade interface enabling hotels and other service companies to communicate with hourly and overnight operational staff. Workers also engage with this app on an average of three to five times a day, proving to be an always used platform. The app can help night shift authorities like the hotel night manager, who struggles to spread the appreciation for his teams to the day shift folks. Many companies have retained their employees for longer by adopting this tool, which also helps boost morale.

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As hotels and other companies have fluid workforces, security has to be majorly considered. Beekeeper’s platform manages the security of the information in two ways. Companies deactivating employee accounts is a standardized part of the severance process. Technically, by utilizing encryption, and process management, such as testing weak leaks in integrations between data centers and third-party integrations, companies can manage security.

To provide physical security, it integrates with an app called EAlarme, allowing a company to send an emergency message to the whole workforce when a crisis occurs. However, there is no app for reporting assaults. Beekeeper’s tools provide on-site training for customers at extra cost. Further, the company, in an attempt to skip the in-person training and compensation, has made its online, self-service adoption process seamless with the help of training videos, and by putting know-how content online with checklists.