FREMONT, CA: With the number of intelligent and interactive applications increasingly exponentially, there is no information that is inaccessible now. To keep in sync with the dynamic technological trends, companies are making sure their products and services become accustomed to the modern advancements

• Virtual Reality (VR):

Currently, VR is in use in healthcare, military, business, education, entertainment, and telecommunications sectors. Many gaming companies are also increasing interactive sites. Gamers can easily walk around the world of online gaming through VR that opens up the opportunity for them to enjoy several applications. Players are interested in VR because of how they can interact with the games they love.

• Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain is evolving at a rapid pace, and several emerging companies are using it to raise funds through initial coin offerings. One of the countless applications of Blockchain is that it is a smart contract in the gaming world and is being used as a feature that allows players to play against a code that is fair and fully transparent.

• Augmented Reality (AR):

AR is one of the interactive reality technologies that is getting traction vehemently. In the casino industry, AR can offer a lot of possibilities ranging from 360-degree gaming experiences to entry into the immersive world of digital participation.

• Cryptocurrencies:

Thanks to the rising popularity of Bitcoin, customers have access to the best transactional security and transparency. Cryptocurrency is also useful in the online casino because it can solve many problems, especially resolving legal matters and security issues.

• IoT:

IoT can revolutionize online gaming by bridging the gap between the platform and the user. The increasing exploits of mobile devices allow applications to collect and report data. In the virtual gaming world, online portals can quickly learn how customers use and respond to games. Developers can survey player satisfaction while playing a game and identify the need of the gamer.

• AI:

Depending on the collected data, the gaming application can change itself to offer users the best user experience. However, when AI can also give users different features depending upon the conventions and players in an online casino game may receive a different kind of bonus based on their performances.