The tech-savvy, always on the go, demanding and well-connected traveler has become a significant part of the Indian travel industry in the recent years. The industry aims to draw the attention of travelers whose planning begins with Google and ends with online travel applications using latest innovations.  It has been a mammoth task for the industry, and chatbots have been recognized as the perfect piece to finish the puzzle.  

A study of a travelers’ ever-changing demand notifies that they meticulously filter through options based on their necessities. In addition, it depicts that there is scope for personalization in the travel industry. The idea of bringing in chatbots, which run on cognitive technologies, will put together the incomplete process by providing each traveler with options based on their respective priorities.

Chatbots are capable of communications, which are human-like interactions, using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. They cater to the varying requirements of the traveler, from simplifying the bookings process to obtaining detailed feedback for further data management.

Chatbots are constantly evolving and becoming smarter with each passing day by identifying and following new patterns and trends. With the increase in internet penetration and the catching of the mobility wave, chatbot can be made available for service provision round the clock and at times of necessity.

In the Indian Travel industry, dynamic government policies and the young demographic—about 1.6 billion local travelers—have continued to support growth of the technology in various platforms, for easier, quicker and inexpensive chatbot as a service (CaaS) solutions. The next generation e-ticketing system uses a chatbot, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning; it is programmed to reply for more than millions of queries by passengers each day.

Chatbots record all the interactions and give reports that eliminate the necessity of customer executives to be available whenever a solution is required. The travel ecosystem needs a simple, hands-on, persuasive technology that can analyze problems, cater to the end-to-end needs of the travelers, such as insights on bookings and accommodation, along with check outs.

In the world of today, chatbots appear to be a chance to remodel and restructure the management system in the travel industry.