ORLANDO, FL: Concur partners with Lufthansa to allow direct business travel bookings for business travelers with Concur TripLink solution. By using the Concur TripLink solution, travel managers will be able to track, view and manage all bookings made directly on Lufthansa.com as soon as they occur.

"By partnering with Concur, we are giving business travelers additional and unprecedented convenience: the choice to book their flights where they would like to receive negotiated corporate discounts, and still easily fulfill expense and reporting requirements" says Joerg Hennemann, Senior Vice President of Automated Sales, Pricing & Distribution at Lufthansa.

Concur TripLink deals with the growing challenges that businesses and travelers face in order to manage travel and expenditure in the digital economy. It captures data from flights, hotels and ground transportation – no matter from where the travel is booked. This data offers various companies insight into their travel expenditures even before they happen and expenditures with specific suppliers, positioning companies for better negotiations.

This collaboration helps companies improve policy compliance and duty of care efforts. Business travelers get the option to book their corporate negotiated rates directly on LH.com and enjoy the benefit of having their itineraries and expenses sorted in Concur.

"Connecting with partners around the globe to capture spend and travel booking information wherever it happens is key to our Perfect Trip vision," adds Tim MacDonald, Executive Vice President of Travel Solutions for Concur. "Adding Lufthansa to our growing networked economy of Concur TripLink partners enables us to give our customers a transparent view of their spend, greater visibility into their travel plans and an effortless road to compliance for employees."

Lufthansa Airlines also to use SAP HANA, an in memory, column oriented relational database management system to bridge the gap between GIS (Geographic Information System) systems and IoT (Internet of Things) sensors to make flight operations more efficient. The IT solutions provided by SAP will enable flight track operations and combine the data with information on changes in airport and meteorological conditions, and other fleet-related data monitored and analyzed in actual time.