FREMONT, CA: The digital revolution has impacted different industries, ranging from healthcare to entertainment. The tourism and hospitality industry is also not lagging in adopting these digital trends where the right mix of technology and the human touch has ensured a memorable experience for customers.

The consumers are now at the focus of the hospitality ecosystem where they are chiefly invested in platforms that provide customizations for experiences. Smartphones and social media have widened the options for customers to fulfill their demands quickly. The new trends in artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) have abilities to transform this industry in ways beyond our imagination.

Internet of things:

IoT in revolutionized homes has been incorporated into hospitality to ease the process of guest experiences and hotel efficiency. With that, IoT has also integrated devices to make better use of customer data.

Mobile integration:

Mobile applications provide an edge to digital travelers by giving them access to direct bookings and business policies of the hospitality industry. Hotels can also use this guest data to stay directly connected to them to endorse the brand value and improve their customer experience.


Chatbots are one of the most pioneering digital trends in the hospitality industry to accelerate the speed of information through various platforms. The implementation of programmed interactions and digital assistants is evolving in hotels for bookings and enhancing customer service system.

AI and personalized services:

AI plays a vital role in spontaneous travel bookings. By automatically analyzing data, AI assists in revenue management strategy and offers more personalized preferences to the customers.

Social media for reputation management:

The ability to utilize social media effectively for business strategy is one of the most systematic methods of brand endorsement. A post on any popular social media platform helps in positively influencing the customer base through which proactive planning and long-term business investments can be chalked out.