Gamification creates an experience that visitors will remember for a long time, which additionally increases their association with a brand.

FREMONT, CA: When a user feels a strong connect with a brand, either through positive experience or shared values, it creates a sense of bonding. Perceived value can influence the end user’s choices more than the actual cost. While incentives can be felt more valuable when hotels present a chance for the guests to win or earn a reward. When made use of the app astutely, it also creates an experience that visitors will remember, additionally increasing their association with a brand.

Gamification is the application of distinctive elements of gameplay like competition and point scoring to promote engagement with a tool or product. Hospitality enterprises, in particular, are turning toward gamification to enhance their customer loyalty by crafting more enjoyable experiences and offerings for their guests. Furthermore, the businesses also reward guests for their loyalty to the brand.

When a hotel effectively transforms a marketing offer into an enjoyable experience for guests, the end results go past the original uptick in revenue. In-room activities and programs associated with a conference or an event will help encourage long-term brand loyalty and more sign-ups while unlocking a treasure of customer insights and behavioral data.

Below are three tips for hotels to effectively employ gamification into their marketing strategies.

The Activity Needs to be Easy and Entertaining: A confusing and annoying experience will not encourage and engage guests to participate. So hoteliers are required to decide the wisely and not incorporate a complicated one because an intricate activity will leave patrons frustrated.

Do Not Over Do Personalization: Users increasingly want customization, but over-personalization without guest’s knowledge can raise privacy concerns. No guests would want to see a display of their past activity because that might make the visitors uncomfortable and prompt them to ask questions relating to tracking their data.

Every Game Needs a Reward:

An activity that is engaging may draw clicks, but if it does not come with a reward, the guests are more likely to feel cheated.

If done right, gamification can be a powerful way to build revenue and engagement. By adding the application to existing loyalty programs, hospitality businesses can tap into a rich source of data that will let them continue to delight guests in exciting ways.

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