FREMONT, CA: The experiences of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have created hype in the hospitality sector with features that are being used rigorously to deliver products and services over any other technology.

The possibility of bringing in new features with the help of technology is endless when it comes to the hospitality of the consumer. The third dimension feature has made viewing the hotel rooms and resorts possible on smartphones and laptops, like a real-life experience. To further develop the idea of techno-service, the companies give facilities starting from booking a spa session by selecting it from the provided services from the screen to ordering breakfast. Such facilities attract not only tech-savvy but also the inexperienced customers who are curious to implement with the advancements.

In the world of digitalization, bridging the online and offline platforms have become extremely important. To enhance the customer experience, the companies have provided with online platforms to lodge their grievances, if any, along with offline platforms. Digital channels or digital touch-points create a high-class service and hospitality.

Customer choices vary with their age groups—the younger population have to be dealt with differently than older people. To provide the customers with whatever they desire instantly creates a significant impression on the company’s hospitality and management. The companies segregate customers according to their age and choices so that keeping up with their demands becomes simpler. To deal with the groups individually keeping in mind the tone, language, and level of communication elevates the experience of the guest.

To strengthen customer loyalty and create a brand identity, companies have evolved features such as introducing childcare spa and menu for children. Building a thematic place, offering rooms on the hotel website, and creating an own brand puts a huge impact on the potential customer, who are seeking for something different.

Resourceful information has always been the priority for people to plan and carry out their travel expedition. Effective information and a dominant presence on all platforms (online and offline) increases the visibility of the company, giving it better demand in the market. To keep intact a successful business in the hospitality sector, following consumer trends can be very productive and profitable to a great extent.