TORONTO, ON: GuestLogix, a provider of payment and business intelligence technology to airlines and the passenger travel industry has announced its acceptance towards Bitcoin and other virtual currencies on its retail platform.

The company therefore has started using these crypto-currency wallet components on its Transaction Processing Engine that supports a minimum of 80 travel operators. This will enable the acceptance of Bitcoin currency to be available on GuestLogix' custom handheld POS terminals and mobile POS platform for Android OS, iOS and MS Windows Mobile.

Besides this, other operators in the travel segment that include airlines and brands will also be able to accept and access these virtual currencies in a much secured manner. Using its TPE, Total Power Exchange, GuestLogix will allow passengers to pay for products and services using Bitcoin currency. In an offline environment, such as onboard an aircraft with no internet connectivity, passengers can continue to use their own Bitcoin wallets available on their mobile smart phones to transact with the GuestLogix POS terminals.

Travel operators can also opt to price products and services in Bitcoins by utilizing the special pricing and promotions module on GXI's Retail Platform. Travel operators may choose to maintain Bitcoin addresses to receive the payments directly. Alternatively, Bitcoin funds accepted from the passenger will be converted using the daily exchange rate of the Bitcoin relative to the travel operator's base currency and the converted funds will be remitted to their bank account.