Hoteliers can address the guest expectations with innovative ideas, unique experiences and personalized interactions across every aspect of the guests’ journey.

FREMONT, CA: The hospitality industry is continuously exposed to new, wide-spread economic trends like the “Digital Era”, “Consumer Era”, “Experience Economy” and now the “Expectation Economy”. In this modern economy, expectations of guests are growing and similarly the stakes for hoteliers. These guests are becoming more demanding and less patient than ever before. The hotel industry is evolving with innovations at the forefront. Here is how expectation economy will impact the hotel industry in 2020 and what can hoteliers do to address this.

Across the globe, hotels are partnering with technology vendors to streamline operations and improve the guest experience while travelers are becoming highly accustomed to the convenience provided by modern technology. Social media is the primary source that inspires prospective travelers allowing them to engage with travel brands and share their experience. The intention of sharing experiences in the Instagram story almost instantly is growing among travelers. Thus, everything has the potential to go viral, and so the exceptional experiences can be immediately rewarded with public feedback broadcast from guests.

The guest expectations are exceeding as they demand the highest tier of quality from hotels. Hotels should be committed to giving their guests what they want. They should take efforts to know their guests at a personal level with enough tools to carry out this process. Hotels ought to consider the following questions to ensure that they operate efficiently while delivering the guests what they expect. What does personalization mean to hotel brand? Do data inform the hotel’s promotions and upgrade opportunities? Are the staffs provided with sufficient tools to seamlessly communicate across departments and interact with guests? Do you engage with guests both current and prospective, online and offline throughout their journey?

Also, hotels should ensure that they receive more attention via social media as it has great significance from the marketing perspective. Hoteliers should recognize customers regardless of industry to align them with brands as they embrace brands that address the issues of everyone.