Hotels need to think forward in choosing their technology partners and should be agile and willing to take risks on new technology.

Fremont, CA: Much of the uncertainties we witness today is the driving force for hoteliers to innovate new products to gain a competitive advantage. Technology is the core element of this. Hoteliers should be able to readily accept the latest technologies to try new innovative products and analyze the results without making substantial investments of time or money. To accomplish this, it is critical to identify technology partners that have APIs and proven approaches to getting new integrations done successfully and rapidly because integration continues to be a top struggle for innovation. The main reason that APIs matter the most in the hotel industry is that they allow for faster innovation. They offer two-fold benefits for hotels as they can create better products while standing out from the competition.

The hotels should remain flexible to new technology by being nimble and willing to take risks on new technology. They can also remain secure by measuring results, thus, limiting exposure to risk. It is not advisable for hotels preferring one technology and getting locked by one type of service or solution. They should be ingenious in choosing partners who are collaborative and are willing to work with hotels and other technology vendors.

Most importantly, today’s guests expect technology to foster communication between them and hotels while improving service without replacing the human touch. They expect text messaging platforms and smartphone apps to execute the task of connecting quickly and easily with a real human being. The task can also be accomplished by the property management system (PMS), which acts as the central connection between the guest and the staff. It is the best repository of personalization data as it captures all kinds of data points including room preferences, amenities’ and many more. This will help hotels to offer personalized loyalty rates and special amenity packages, thus increasing revenue and bookings during guest stay as it appeals to guests’ specific tastes.

Besides allowing hotels to deliver a great experience, it will enable them to analyze data, create more detailed guest profiles and market to the guest even after their stays.

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