Autonomous robots can assist passengers who navigate through the airport by freeing up the airport hosts while addressing the customers’ queries immediately.

FREMONT, CA: Autonomous robots are intelligent machines that are currently employed in almost all the sectors from manufacturing and agriculture to home-based healthcare that are capable of performing tasks by themselves without human control. Today’s robots can do more than performing tasks like learning, adapting, and evolving using capabilities like machine learning, navigation, computer vision, and more. The robotic solution allows manufacturers to deliver significant value for their customers. When used in organizations, these robots can replace human actions while mitigating errors.

The technology is designed to assist the customers who navigate through the airport by freeing up the airport hosts from passengers approaching them with more complex queries. The robots are programmed in a way to interact with passengers in many different languages using the latest translation technology to respond to a myriad of questions, including real-time flight information.

Utilizing geo-location technology and dozens of advanced sensors to monitor a 3600 radius continuously, the robot will migrate around the airport terminal freely and safely escorting customers to particular locations like the special assistance teams in the airport. Also, customer service agents can be provided with sufficient training to use a suite of specialized apps on iPads with their expertise, initiative and judgment to solve customer queries on the spot. Recently, the technology was tested by British Airways at Heathrow Terminal. Having pleased by its outcomes, it is looking forward to implementing it successfully this year. The combined technologies—automation and personalized customer service will define the airport of the future.

Airlines should explore new and innovative ways to use automation to help customers enjoy a faster and smoother journey when they navigate through the airport. Smart robots will be soon utilized by airlines, as this latest innovation can free up their people to address immediate issues and offer services. In the future, we can envisage airports having a fleet of robots in place of humans working side by side empowering passengers to have seamless travel experience.