Start-ups and new market entrants have created a competitive edge and are reeling in new customers with their smooth user experience from brands by focusing on digital-first approaches. Businesses are reshaping the benefits of launching new digital technologies that can deliver an improved yet sustainable customer experience. The success of such digital initiatives reflects the necessity of evaluating consumer expectations and adapting the customer experience accordingly.

In 2018, enterprises adopted AI and machine learning to deliver a seamless, cross-channel customer experience. AI can interact directly with customers and analyze structured as well as unstructured data, helping organizations understand customer behavior and preferences and use them in enhancing personalized guest experiences. The large quantities of data can be managed by deploying technology, and organizations can speed up their processes while improving frontline services to reduce human error. AI and cognitive technology can provide faster access to sophisticated insights, empowering businesses to make better decisions.

Customers have become accustomed to rapid, seamless interactions with technologies like biometrics to unlock a mobile app or use voice typing to make notes for future reference. The use of AI and mobile technology has enhanced customer experiences, from futuristic check-out-free concept shops to mobile shopping, accelerating shopping trips, reducing queues, and making customer travel as smooth as possible.

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Some organizations go beyond mobile phones, and offer wearables like rings and bracelets with embedded RFID to ensure travelers can pay and pass quickly at retail outlets. While contactless payments are easing the friction in customer journeys, other infrastructure can also be expanded to add value for commuters.

A predictive analytics-driven system can outline the fastest and most efficient route to accelerate user travel by aggregating data using the transport network, and city planners can make real-time adjustments.

As brands are currently using the technology to analyze data, a digital-first approach will be the key to delivering the fast and friction-free customer experience.

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