In recent years smart technology has transformed the home environment. Smart innovations like internet-connected devices have made their way into the hospitality industry.

Fremont, CA: Internet-connected devices have enabled to manage the lighting, heating, home entertainment, and even security requirements with the touch of a mobile button. Hotels, specifically, are inclined towards improving the level of comfort and convenience the guest may be experiencing at home. Hence the hoteliers are offering a stay with the help of new technologies that will never be the same again.

The Tech Revolution

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining popularity and impacting all the aspects of our lives, starting from how we run our homes to the way we manage hotels. IoT refers to the rising network of objects that features internet connectivity. The network communicating devices enables data sharing with each other and effectively merging the digital and physical worlds.

IoT has led to wide-ranging changes in the hospitality industry, including innovations in hotel booking systems, improvements to the guest experience, and hospitality operations. These measures have resulted in environmental benefits, cost-saving, and an increase in bookings.

Enhanced Guest Experience                              

Several luxury hotels are beginning to install a virtual concierge service through an in-room voice assistant similar to Alexa but for hotels. The guests can do everything, starting from requesting more pillows to dinner reservations through a phone app or an in-room device.

Hyper-connected public spaces and hotel rooms provide facilities like turning air conditioning and lighting when they 'know' a guest has entered the hotel building, hence saving energy and creating a welcoming environment ready for the arrival of the guest.

With the use of smartphones, the guests' can check-in with their phone, which allows them to not stand in the reception queue and head straight to the room and saves their valuable time.

Smart Hotels helping to Save the Plane

Smart hotels are helping to save the environment by cutting energy usage via sensors which can detect if the room is vacant or occupied, and adjust the heating and lighting levels accordingly. Such measures are not only helping to protect the planet but also cutting down on costs significantly.

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