Tourism industry and economic development are experiencing fundamental changes with the emerging technologies that promote financial stability, provide more direct flight options, and make provision for robust international meetings. In 2019, a few areas of the business travel sector that would probably reflect the technological advancements include:

Enhancing the personalized experience: Although corporate business industry in travel mainly complies with policies, travelers are increasingly demanding a personalized experience. Brands now need to offer a stress-free travel experience both on private holidays and on business trips with the help of big data, business intelligence, and data analytics.

Growth of trips combining business and leisure: In 2019, as the lines among work and life have become hazy, improved travel approaches are likely to mix business with leisure, thus increasing the number of  “bleisure” trips.

Artificial intelligence: AI is one of the key technologies with the ability to analyze preferences and requirements of corporate voyagers and then provides customized proposals. Likewise, 2019 is expecting enhanced visitor driven cordiality by AI, which can streamline processes, improve and customize encounters.

Robotics: Robotics is introducing into the hospitality and travel industry to meet the advantageous and quick self-administration requests of voyagers. They have the added advantage of being able to work round the clock, throughout the year—and the tasks they have been programmed for, are performed to perfection.

Versatile booking choices: Corporate travel policies are changing to accommodate client travel needs and expand their self-booking options. With this facility, travelers can plan their own trips hassle-free by selecting their flights and accommodation as per their inclination with versatile booking.

IoT: Hotels will utilize IoT to control light, cooling, and warming frameworks to accommodate visitors choices; at the same time, the technology is competent to issue alerts about the need for substitutions. It can encourage the registration process by sending electronic keys to brilliant gadgets.

In 2019, enormous information, AI, and the IoT will improve the visitor experience by enhancing efficiency, limiting disturbance and providing expanded voyager desires like bleisure trips and an enhanced local experience.

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