Technology in the housekeeping department can make their work more smooth and help them keep track of every task.

FREMONT, CA: Today, hotels have started using technology in every part of their company, starting from ordering room service from smartphones or television to mobile check-ins. Furthermore, the department of housekeeping is also not behind in the run for technology, mainly when their effectiveness and care can put an impact on the customer satisfaction list that can lead to the downfall of the hotel. 

It can be said the housekeeping department is the backbone of the hotel as they have to make sure that every room matches the expectation of the guests, facilities that will be used by them are in order, and every request is taken care of. Housekeeping is one of the biggest departments in a hotel. It has the maximum number of employees, so it is their task to keep the guests happy and provide room for the newcomers as these are the most significant factor that can affect the hotel’s profit. 

It is essential to Communicate 

Even in the digital era, communication is one of the significant aspects of the hotel industry, especially for the housekeeping staff. At the beginning of the day, room assignments are handed out on a paper, but it hardly gets updated based on the check-outs or the overall progress of the guests. Therefore to keep proper and smooth communication, it is vital to use technology. For example, the employees can wear wearable devices like the smartwatch or keep track of the ongoing situation of the hotel through applications in their smartphones. The managers can also track every progress in real-time. There are even technologies that will help to overcome language barriers, and everybody can communicate with each other.  

Clean Room means a Happy Guest 

With the assistance of the technology department, managers will get push notifications on statuses regarding check-in or check-out. The manager will also know about the rooms that are available and let their guests know about it rather than asking the entire department on the walkie-talkie. It will also become easy for them to assign tasks to the employees and mention in the app about the priority of each job. 

The smooth communication among the staff can lower their stress level and also make sure that the rooms are clean, and the guests are happy with the services provided.