Hotels are implementing automated technology to reduce food waste and decrease the ever-increasing food cost.

FREMONT, CA: In today’s world, brands are seen to be struggling with the increasing cost of food and potential food waste. These two are the key issues that the food industry is facing, and it is necessary to confront it. However, some many several restaurants and hotels are coming up with the innovative ideas that will help them to decrease the cost and also generate a greener approach to food management.

The hotels have started to automate their entire process, particularly the ordering procedure with the help of office operation platforms so that the customers do not have to stand in a queue and get agitated. This automated platform helps the manager to know about the stock the restaurant already has and the ones that are necessary to purchase so that they can order that much amount. Therefore, the hotels can reduce their food waste in several levels that consists of reducing food costs, spoils, thefts, and also achieve higher profit level.

The inventory automation tools also help the hotels to keep tight control on their purchase so that they have the proper amount of product in their kitchen to serve the consumers. The automated tools have helped the restaurants to track the food waste levels and apply controls so that it not only reduces but also the increasing cost of food.

By adopting lower food waste through lower food costs, restaurants and hotels can be beneficial. But here are the best practices that the hotels can follow.

• Perpetual Inventory Management

The restaurant can decrease the expense by using optimal inventory levels while at the same time minimizing the excessive inventory waste. Real-time tracking will help to reduce out-of-stock situations. 

• Centralized Order Guides

The restaurant can pay the appropriate amount of money for the products if they centrally manage the price, bids, and even contracts by comparing it with different vendors.

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