AR and VR have huge potential in the hospitality industry. Hotels can add these solutions to their online portal to improve their guest engagement and also increase the revenue of the business.

FREMONT, CA: At some point, television used to be a mode of entertainment that viewers were able to experience from their couch. Today, augmented reality has taken its place and allowed companies to create a more compelling experience than the two-dimensional view that was possible from televisions.

Why Should More Emphasis be Laid on AR/VR Technology in the Hospitality Industry?

AR and VR in the hotel industry can be leveraged to improve the customers’ experience. VR/AR helps the customers to explore the hotel, see the rooms and the surrounding of the area where they will be staying. With VR and AR, customers can easily decide on visiting a hotel as they will get all the information about the quality of service.

There are also many other ways to use these two technologies in the hotel industry that will improve guest engagement. Some of the common uses of AR and VR to increase the revenue of the business are given below.

1. Virtual Booking Process

Before booking a hotel, customers can now survey various rooms in the property and get information about them, such as price, size of the room, features, and many more. It will eventually improve their experience as they can instantly book a room from the online portal of the hotel only if they like it.

2. Interactive Hotel Rooms

If hotels have interactive elements within rooms, they can also improve the experience of the guests. Using the AR technology, the guests can know about various facts of the hotels such as the celebrities who stayed over as well as historical information.

3. Gamification

Hotels are trying to make guest visits more enjoyable and memorable by offering AR and VR games along with headsets. These game sets can also be customized according to children and adults. To make the hotels more appealing to the customers, hotel owners also offer lucrative rewards such as free appetizer or drinks if they complete a level in the game.