IoT, which has propagated connections between things using the internet, has benefited several industries in different ways. In the travel industry, IoT has been beneficial in different ways, like:

In Air Travel: Airlines have begun providing online services in multiple ways like travelers can check into their flights using smart devices. Amazon and Google Home smart speakers and smartwatches offer updated information on flight status, amenity availability and help in last minute essentials. While earlier, a frazzled traveler did not receive proper information about lost luggage, IoT-enabled luggage trackers can furnish the essential information to locate lost baggage.

Tracking: On arriving at the destination, IoT services allow people to rent cars at any time, not just within business hours. While simultaneously acting as a centralized contact center, car rental brands can also track vehicles if renters don’t show up by the agreed-upon time.

Guide in hotel search: In the past, travelers might have experienced a time where booking a hotel room meant calling the front desk before arriving and hoping for the best. Today, websites and apps can provide hassle-free hotel room bookings and ensure a smooth journey by removing obstacles. Besides keeping customers in touch with loved ones, smartphones and apps help guest book hotel rooms quickly after browsing to identify the best option for the trip.  

IoT Parking Technology services: In order to mitigate the hassle of searching for vacant parking places, an IoT-powered method allows the advance booking of parking spots. Likewise, parking lot managers get parking service metrics from IoT sensors, which records the peak usage of vehicles per hour.

The use of IoT in the traveling industry has been instrumental in converting a regular traveler into a connected passenger who enjoys a smoother journey. The use of provides infinite options and increases the possibility of investments in connected technologies.

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