FREMONT, CA: Humanity stands on the brink of the most transformative upheaval ever, the epoch of “connected intelligence.” Operated by smarter devices, equipped with cloud-based services, and steered by cognitive intelligence, the world is shifting at a dizzying pace, and businesses are scrambling to keep up with this reality. Conventional enterprises are being strained to re-imagine their businesses as technology start-ups are devised as digital-first and have the upper hand of being business agile. The declining cost of modernization and low barriers to entry have led to hyper-competitive marketplaces.

Unique Experiences:

Travel and hospitality are no longer about transactional appointments of air tickets, hotel rooms, and sight-seeing. Contemporary travelers seek and often insist on experiences that resonate with them at an intense emotional level and thus favor authentic and personalized involvements. To provide such individualized experiences to them is only half the battle won. The eventual deal is to offer these handcrafted experiences in a scalable manner.

24/7 Service Concierge:

Today’s consumers demand their services anywhere, at any time. Travel and hospitality lines looking to convene new expectations must seek ways of quickening the delivery of services, allowing immediate access to assistance throughout. The design is to augment the time of interaction between the brand and the customer. If done correctly, the interactions can be monetized in exchange for improved services, creating entirely new revenue flows.

Harmonious Ecosystems:

Travelers today prefer value-added services for flawless experiences that are an extension of their daily undertakings. Travel companies are compelled to create context-aware seamless interactions for their customers, equipped with information about not just the travelers’ exact location, but even the stage of their journey they are in. The use of technology to extend seamless experiences is fast becoming a trait of not just individual travel companies but entire cities.

Crafting Lasting Memories:

Traveling has always been about the memories people make and share. Travel companies are trying to ride on the customers’ preferences by being the storyteller, choreographer, and bonding agent for creating memories. It is a perfect example of how hotels can reconstruct content to build trust with their existing clientele, and induce a prospective customer to make a leap.