FREMONT, CA: REBEL Travel Corporation, an integrated marketing company, has announced a tactical association with pioneering European software development firm, GP Solutions, to help travel enterprises and hotels worldwide increase modernization in transport placement technology. 

REBEL has long sought an appropriate technology partner to provide groundbreaking solutions for clients, including hotels, restaurants, startups, technology companies, agencies, and major brands across the globe. GP Solutions, as an established travel technology vendor, has produced the right impetus to the software solutions that REBEL was in search of, to help smaller companies gain momentum against all-inclusive legacy interfaces and walled gardens. 

REBEL and GP plan to demonstrate a worldwide entourage of distribution technology solutions for the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries. The joint venture between the companies will promote turnkey travel programs, customized software developments, travel supplier integration services, dedicated software development teams, business process outsourcing, business analysis, and travel distribution consulting. With the help of REBEL Analytics, an evolving marketing model of the parent company for enhanced marketing performances, the conglomerate has decided to focus on helping businesses and agencies increase conversion through superior predictive analytics.

GP Solutions has regarded this partnership as an extremely positive venture for the marketing and transport industry as the new experiences will pave the way for both of them to success, out of a brand-new online travel project. The knowledge and expertise created from this amalgamation are even more critical than technological prowess as it offers both a motivation to stay focused and succeed in defining appropriate technical solutions. The combination of their services will generate businesses in the travel and hospitality industry in such a method that the whole venture will enable them to expand their distribution strategies and better serve their customers.