Casinos have transformed along with the technological advancements since last few years. But, the customers have also developed increasing demands. Can casinos meet the requirements of the customers?

FREMONT, CA: Across the country, casinos and resorts are continuously being subjected to innovative, connected, “always-on” technologies. The demand of guests has mainly led this disruption. Guests expect instant answers and service at their fingertips via their mobile phones. Numerable cultural shifts and changes have transformed the way people expect things from their brands, Fostering ever curious, demanding, and impatient consumers.

Omnichannel Communications Access for the Guest:

Today’s casino guests have more point of contacts than ever with emails, phone calls, concierge desks, and club member services. Even in this scenario, the casinos have not achieved much luck from the utilization of their apps. Data depicts that 80 percent of players likely will not download a casino-branded app. Of the small group of people who download these apps, as many as 50 percent never activate it by logging in. To accommodate the ever-curious, demanding, and impatient guests, casinos have to find a way to make communications easier. The need for casinos to have a download-free solution that brings together all forms of communications into one seamless two-way platform is immense.

This two-way platform will answer to both the guest’s questions like daily earnings, real-time players’ club point balances, and standard guest services, but can also offer up services like entry into new drawings or booking dining or ticket reservations. Players on a winning streak need not leave their seat to receive services. This solution is a simple, omni-channel communication portal that improves the guest experience and encourages loyalty and guarantees repeat visits.

Business Intelligence for Operations Management:

The ever-changing casino revenue mix presents a data challenge. Casinos have multiple data sources feeding its intelligence gaming tables and machines, players club activity, hotel and resort, food and beverage, including all other transactions. If the casino desires to earn more than 60 percent of its revenues from non-gambling activities, it’s more crucial than ever for the management to analyze their businesses holistically. The solution lies in having and employing real-time intelligent insights. Insights provided by technology. Analogous to the hotel industry, the casino sector cannot ignore the persistent implications of disruption. Diversification of revenue, the ever-connected consumer, and big data all align symmetrically, and casinos will feel challenged at an ever-speeding rate, betting on the house for the win.