Customers require amenities and services that enable a flawless experience, being able to enjoy and move freely in their room with maximum ease because hotels are much more than just a bed and pillow for them.

FREMONT, CA: The finest method to provide guests with seamless experience is by allowing them to get in touch with the company or staff whenever needed, instantly, to proceed with their stay with minimal inconvenience. The method of enabling real-time communication with the hotel allows guests to have a convenient stay, which results in better customer satisfaction.

Travelers prefer using their smartphones to place a request for services by messaging hotel staff, giving emphasis to real-time communication.

Besides, the guests use their mobiles to make online reservations, check-in and check-out via apps, and place orders for food as well, which shows the utilization of real-time communication every step of the way.

Guests should be allowed to converse with the company even before they start the reservation process in case of any queries. This can be done real-time through multiple channels:

Chat Live:

Browsers should be given a platform to connect with the hotel instantly while they're on the website.

Social Media Platform:

It is essential to take note of the customer reviews on social media platforms where billions of people can read their opinion. Whenever a potential guest mentions the brand in a post, a quick response in real-time demonstrates the credibility and commitment toward the customer.

Text Messaging Facility:

The potential customers should be provided with a way to get in touch with the hotel even if it is not through any computer and the staff should be ready with a text response for every query that is raised.

The conversation does not stop after the guest is done with the queries; it is supposed to be available all through the guest’s stay in the hotel, answering every minor question and ensuring that their stay is comfortable. The guests should be kept informed about the hotel activities, such as the housekeeping schedule, onsite activities etc and even be alerted during emergencies. It is crucial for the guest to be able to track the order placed for food and beverage, so hotels need to make sure they are provided with real-time updates starting from the prep to delivery. Customers should be facilitated with emergency alerts to avoid any panic attacks, and during other times, they can be kept engaged with exciting activities.