Current technology trends are on the rise, influencing several industrial sectors, among which is the travel and hospitality industry, we're enhancing the guest experience of the utmost concern. Smart integration is one of the potential technology trends that can adjust the availability of all online portals where the hotel is listed for bookings in real time; also it records special requests.

In the 21st century, along with standard, generic, and impersonal experiences, the majority of current travelers from millennial to generation Z, expect seamless, personalized experiences. Integration between hotel systems, such as connecting a property management system (PMS) to another smart tool, will allow hoteliers to create a detailed customer profile. Likewise, making diverse communication channels available to guests will enable them to experience seamless and personalized user experiences.

The vast majority of hotel systems and software are cloud-based and can enable multiple operations, which allow proficiency in reducing time consumption. The adoption of cloud computing by hoteliers is on the rise because of its accessibility, whereby users can sign in from anywhere, at any time, and from any device.

In 2019, hoteliers are encouraged to emphasize on cybersecurity to avoid misinterpretation, data and identify theft, and the loss of the trustworthy image of the hotels brand. In hotels, artificial intelligence, with the support of knowledge management, provides seamless customer support and interaction that is economical and efficient, while simultaneously prevents the occurrences of human errors, leading to higher guest satisfaction. Some hotels rely on robots to serve as hotel staff by catering to tasks like taking requests and providing room service.

Voice-enabled devices like Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Echo are being integrated continuously into the travel and hospitality industry, and provide a remarkable experience to guests by allowing faster communication between staff. Voice-operated virtual assistants enable hoteliers to record data into their property’s technology stack while integrating all voice commands seamlessly.

On the contrary, current innovations demands show that the hotel industry is expected to invest high in technology over the next years to enhance travel and guest experience.

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