FREMONT, CA – Tourism has boomed in the modern world as the love for traveling has only increased. However, the travel industry has its drawbacks. The bother of security checkpoints, flight cancellations, and lost reservations among other issues can drive a person up the wall. Hence, innovation is needed in this field, not only to speed up the travel procedures but also to enhance the convenience and experience of travelers.

The implementation of blockchain technology in the travel industry can alleviate some of the problems faced by travelers, ensuring a secure, efficient, and pleasant experience for the customers. The integration of AI in hotels can facilitate a smoother interaction with travelers. For instance, the utilization of a chatbot will enable the consumers to get quick answers to their inquiries. The AI-powered chatbots can efficiently gather and filter information, delivering immediate solutions. The deep learning technology of AI will enable the chatbots to study the data and correspond more efficiently with the users. Since chatbots can function all day round, it reduces staffing expenditure as well as time taken to deliver the customer services.

Intelligent hotels are also driving innovation in the hotel industry. Several hotel chains have already implemented smart features and service for the convenience of the customers. The customer information loaded into the database will help the intelligent systems to set the living space features according to customer preferences automatically. Equipped with smart features, customers will be able to remotely control the temperature, lighting, TV, drapes, front-desk requests, and much more.

Another contribution of blockchain technology to the travel industry is LockTrip, which helps the travelers find and book hotels, thus eliminating the need for a travel agent. Arise Travel is also implementing blockchain technology to cache distribution of hotels.

Blockchain technology is easy to implement and can help travelers in saving money and enhancing their experience. It will prevent third parties from drawing commissions from travelers and service providers. Blockchain will also allow companies to keep track of their inventory at all times. It will help in establishing price integrity, transparent transactions, secure exchange of data, etc. The integration of AI and blockchain in tourism will benefit not only the companies but also the travelers.