The IoT may be improving the accuracy of the flight schedules or VR is convincing someone to take an overseas trip. Technology adds a lot of value to travel and makes the experience of the customers pleasant.

FREMONT, CA: Over the last few years, a digital transformation trend has been observed in various industries like retail, media and entertainment, healthcare, and finance. Recently, the tourism and hospitality industry has entirely changed them with the help of digital transformation.

Here are the top trends that are impacting the hospitality and tourism industry.

1. Mobile Integration

For people who love traveling, digital transformation has made their every dream come true. Customers can now do anything on their phone, from checking in, ordering room service, to unlocking the door. In fact, without even talking to a single human being, it is possible to plan an entire trip through phone starting from booking the hotel to returning home.

2. AI and Chatbots

With Artificial Intelligence-powered apps and technology, guests can access information regarding the hotel at any time they need from their phones. They can also access voice-activated chatbots, which can be used to open the curtains, order breakfast, or set the alarm. The best part about this is, all the activities can be done without the intervention of a human.

3. Integration of IoT

The tourism and hospitality industry have begun harnessing data collected from the connected devices to the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve their customer experience. These data are essential for the tourism industry to gain more knowledge about their guests for serving them in better ways. With the help of IoT, hotels will know about the different choices of their guests, such as the type of food they like or the amenities they want in their rooms, and many more.

4. Reputation

For a hotel to prosper, keeping their status intact is also essential. Providing their customers with quality services is their top priority, and technology has helped them a lot in doing that. Now, the guests do whatever they want with the help of AI-powered apps and chatbots. If the guests are happy with the services and share their opinions on social media platforms, which will let other people plan their next trip. When the guests are delighted the demand of the hotel will also increase.

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