In the bygone days, traveling meant getting on the telephone to call booking agents before a month or two to get tickets. It was a huge decision that needed planning and organization. In recent years, due to the improvement in technology, everything people need is at their fingertips in smartphones—several new applications have made traveling easy and fun. How technology is supportive of this and what people can look forward to in the ever-changing industry is discussed below.

• Affordability: Back in the day, airfare was high, and choices were few, so there would be no choice other than to pay for it. With the take-off of travel technology, the booking process has become transparent, and customers have the freedom to choose which provider and at what price breakdown they want to book their tickets.

• Information: Tourists depended on guides, maps, and travel books in their destination for suggestions about tourist spots, local delicacies, and means of travel. This was prodigious but did not aid the tourists in finding a panoramic view of the destination. Hence, with the help of technology, some pioneers decided to monetize their knowledge by making detailed information about the places available online.

• Safety: Travel technology has not only provided a safety net by guaranteed connectivity but also has ensured the availability of travel assistants who are accessible throughout the day.  Statistically, it has been recorded that 35 percent of travelers choose personalized schedules to be safer during travels. With technologies like chatbots powered with AI and machine learning present round the clock, travelers feel safer, as a result of which,  solo trips are becoming commonplace.

• Augmented reality (AR): Augmented reality (AR) has made its debut as an easily accessible and fun technology in travel. AR has allowed several major travel corporations to amplify their impact of destinations, help find routes with smartphone cameras, and improve accessibility to travelers. Traveling has thus become a fun experience. 

Traveling is increasingly becoming comfortable, safe, and relaxing in recent times, courtesy of technology. With a smartphone and a sound internet connection, one can travel to the ends of the world even with a limited budget. So break free the fences of normalcy and travel to experience life to the fullest.

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