In the year 2020, the hospitality industry will witness more innovative technologies that can make the customer experience even better and decrease the workload of the employees.

FREMONT, CA: In Las Vegas, the CES 2020, an event where technology companies broadcast their product releases, was conducted from seventh to the tenth of January. Here are some of the tech trends starting from catlike delivery robots to advanced translation tools that every hotel companies must keep an eye on. 

IoT in the Bathroom

At CES 2020, the plumbing manufacturer TOTO also announced their partnership with eh GP PRO so that they can provide innovative restrooms to the public. Several organizations are already using GP PRO’s KOLO Smart Monitoring System with which the facility managers and custodial staffs can supervise and analyze the connected restrooms. The managers will immediately know when fixation is necessary with the help of a dashboard on the smartphone or computer. The facility managers can use the data for enhancing the experience of a restroom, managing their workforce, and also for lowering operational costs. 


PuduTech publicized their HolaBot dish-return robot and the BellaBot delivery robot. There are four-layer trays in the BellaBot robot, along with delivery function, a navigation system, precise position, and even scheduling algorithms. All these characteristics are there in the cat-inspired looking robot with people-friendly expressions so that it is easy to interact with humans. 

UBTECH also revealed their latest robot along with Cruzr. The robot is customized and cloud-based, particularly of the hotels and enterprises. The robot also has features like obstacle avoidance, facial recognition, U-SLAM navigation, and multi-model interaction. 

Translation Tools

Previous year the technology revealed to the public by Google Assistant was a real-time translation device that has an interpreter mode to assist the hotel employees. With this technology, the employees can easily have a conversation with the guests who speak foreign languages. At CES 2020, Google has announced that many properties have already started using their new solution that will interpret the guests and employees. Moreover, the interpretation mode can translate almost 29 languages.

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