New technologies often turn out to be complements, not substitutes, to the old ones (and even manual processes) they are envisaged to replace. A new technology may simply be better suited to serving a different user need in a different situation.

FREMONT, CA: AI has been transforming various industry sectors for years. Although it was not at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence-enabled technology, hotel operators are now paying close attention to the potential of smart robotics.

In many cases, vendors are investing significant resources in AI-related technologies, particularly ones that enable them to take advantage of the evolution in guest experience management. At the same time, operators are seeking to understand the probable impact of AI on front desk personnel, customer services, and concierge support resources.

For most hoteliers, embracing the fusion of AI-enabled speaker systems and personal assistants, will transform their properties and redefine their guest service standards. The financial benefits are apparent as AI significantly reduces operating costs in the customer support function. By integrating AI to redefine the meaning of exceptional customer experience, hotels also have the opportunity to increase positive brand awareness and increase client loyalty.

Guests who desire to interact with humans in some cases are often perfectly content to communicate with AI-enabled technologies. With AI, hotels can better handle guest inquiries and provide support in a far more competent and efficient manner. AI can reduce strain on employees and improving guest satisfaction in the process.

At significant hotel groups, AI is already reducing the workload of customer support teams by orders of magnitude. Integrated with hotels' case management tools, AI can adapt over time. It can enhance the customer support processes quickly while feeding back information to continue improving the guest experience with each interaction and support engagement.

The harmonizing nature of AI is such that it can also enhance the knowledge, performance, and speed of customer service operations. Some hotel groups are experimenting with AI-enabled voice-controlled speakers to listen in on sales conversations with prospective guests. Some organizations are using AI bots to suggest responses to guest queries, which has increased the number of text-based feedbacks without the need for more representatives on its payroll.