In the past year, a paradigm shift has been observed among household names like McDonald’s, and fast food hotels, self-service, and casual dining restaurants are failing to compete with the sudden deterioration in the foot traffic through their doors. In accordance with a survey, it is reported that approximately 82 percent of consumers prefer personalized loyalty programs. The best method of delivering personalization in the guest experience is to start a two-way conversation outside the restaurant. By attempting an individualized exchange, the customer provides a chance for the restaurateur to engage in a one-on-one conversation where the needs of the customer can be noted.

The implementation of conversational marketing in restaurants can ensure repeated visits by the customers with the adoption of methods like provision of tailored offers for customer’s birthday. Ideas like call to action (CTA) encourage customers to socialize and obtain free gifts and incentives, while referral programs provide extra fanfare for the restaurant as well as their customers. These social ideas not only raise the revenue achieved but also increase the foot traffic and boost the guest experience.

For bringing the external customer engagements inside restaurants, conversational marketing tactics can be used along with robotics to draw customer footfall. With the implementation of robotics, customers are engaged in rich conversations with the use of advance emotional recognition and language processing technologies—these conversations can be made more interactive with activities like playing games and posing for selfies. These robots can extract information that is necessary to ensure customer visits such as sending birthday wishes. 

Conversation marketing applied in restaurants not only offers better guest experiences but also ensures repetitive business for the restaurateurs by adopting an informal approach to engage customers. These will help in the personalization of restaurant experience for the guests, build the loyalty program, boost revenue, and broaden margins.

Regardless of what band the restaurant functions in, with the help of conversational marketing methods like referrals, loyalty programs, and unconventional technological applications of humanoid robots. The restaurant is destined to thrive.