Geoffrey Field, Vice President of Revenue Management  Lisa Larson, Global Hotel Operations Officer, Shaner HotelsGeoffrey Field, Vice President of Revenue Management Lisa Larson, Global Hotel Operations Officer
In the current pandemic situation, the challenges in the hospitality industry are multi-faceted. The booking windows are short, and reservations are made just a couple of days in advance. This complicates one’s ability to forecast and ultimately impacts revenue management efforts. However, Pennsylvania-based Shaner Hotels has leveraged its technology, access to comprehensive data, and extensive market knowledge to maximize performance and continue its successful run even during this fiscal time. “We are striving for continued improvement and how we do revenue management today is very different because our customer base has changed,” asserts Geoffrey Field, vice president of revenue management at Shaner Hotels.

Shaner Hotels has core deliverables for every hotel that revolve around the four key revenue management functions: market strategy, inventory management, group strategy, and revenue analysis. The firm opens about five hotels on average a year and is involved on the revenue management side up to a year prior to opening a hotel. The company works alongside the development and ownership teams to assess its property type and branding and builds business plans while understanding the market dynamics. With a large and diverse portfolio, they adjust to the needs of specific hotels. This may include total hotel inventory services-- include F&B and other revenues, hotel assignments based on complexities versus size or multiple revenue managers involvement in one property.
All the revenue managers at Shaner Hotels are fully certified and trained with the leading brands. They are highly efficient and proficient at utilizing all the systems with a focus on continued education and technology expertise.The revenue management team is empowered to engage in the digital space, sales and marketing. If they see an opportunity to create new or more profitable demand, they will work across other departments to make it happen. The success includes the strong partnerships with the properties and engagement with the hotel teams in the revenue management discipline.

  • We are a Long-Term Holder of Properties and we Build Long Term Relationships which we are Really Proud of

“Shaner has life-long relationships with some of the most successful and gracious hoteliers and brands in the industry. Our associates and leaders, along with so many others have been instrumental in the path to success, “states Lisa Larson, global hotel operations officer at Shaner Hotels. The company boasts of its ability to open new properties with a consistently high level of success and has a history of maximizing its clients’ returns under its services.

Three of its newest openings recently achieved fair market share in the first or second month of full operation. The firm has five more new builds scheduled to open late this year and early 2023. Shaner Hotels opened a hotel in Lucca, Italy in early 2021, and it has additional growth planned in Greece. “The dynamic growth and the product that we are delivering ensures that we are staying diligent about innovation and focused on the excellence in this discipline,” concludes Field.