Christophe Naasz, Business Development Director, Star MicronicsChristophe Naasz, Business Development Director
Spas and salons usually source POS hardware and software from different vendors and assemble a solution that works as cohesively as possible. This approach may sometimes work, particularly with PC builds, but the numerous issues that often sprout during this assembly can affect the solutions post-development. The solve this issue, businesses need to use POS hardware and software that can seamlessly integrate with current technology.

Realizing the potential to cater to the growing POS needs of small to mediumsized businesses (SMBs), Star Micronics works with technology leaders in this billion-dollar industry to design solutions that help spas and salons operate at their best.

Star has been manufacturing global POS hardware for over 60 years but has recently branched out its offerings. “We manufacture every piece a spa operator would need for the POS, including accessories, and we work with top software developers in the space,” says Christophe Naasz, Director of Global Business Development at Star Micronics. “This is why we’re able to offer salon owners the complete POS solution.”

The manufacturer provides printing, secure cash management, and customer engagement solutions to SMBs in many industries, including retail, restaurant, hospitality, and more. Its portfolio includes desktop, portable and kiosk printers, cash drawers, scanners, scales, and all-steel tablet display stands to bring it all together.

Although Star is a manufacturer of POS hardware solutions, it is always coming up with new technologies to suit recent trends and user needs. For example, Star has recently added support for the Android Open Accessory protocol. This makes it so spa and salon owners using Android devices as part of their POS systems can plug into select Star printers and have their devices charge all day while data transfers from the tablet to the printer. Star also has a range of printing solutions that are Apple MFicertified, making them highly compatible with Apple devices.

Star Micronics has supported Windows operating systems for over 25 years and was the first to offer a solution for Apple users. It has developed POS hardware for iOS and Android, with a software development kit that allows any mobile application to be integrated quickly. Usually, integration can take weeks or months, but with Star Micronics for iOS and Android, it can be achieved in a couple of hours.

We manufacture every piece a spa operator would need for the POS, including accessories, and we work with top software developers in the space. This is why we’re able to offer salon owners the complete POS solution.

Their hardware can be connected to a local PC, tablet, monitor, or a cloudbased solution, which has been a boon for many spas and salons. CloudPRNT is an innovative technology developed by Star that enables users to print to Star printers directly through a cloud service. Star has also created SteadyLAN®, which provides wired Ethernet service to iOS, Android, and Windows devices connected to a networked printer via the Lightning or USB-C® cable.

Working in tandem with these robust printing solutions is Star Micronics Cloud Services. On this user-friendly platform, clients can create customizable promotional material to add to receipts and engage their customers at no extra price.

These innovations are a testimony to its tagline, ‘always leading, always innovating.’ The motto was launched 12 years ago with the mission to offer SMBs the same technology support generally afforded to large conglomerates. Star Micronics prides itself on its technical and integration support teams.

Star’s Integration Team works closely with technology providers who develop software solutions, supporting them at every step: from initial consultation through development to launch. Effortless integration is the quickest way to get the latest technology on the market for SMBs and business owners to use and benefit from.

With Star, it’s all about the POS working together as a unified unit – with both hardware and software in sync – keeping spas and salons operating efficiently and productively. Offering SMBs the complete POS solution was the only answer.