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Top Featured Vendor (April-June) - 2020

The ever reinventing technology and its influence on hospitality, creates opportunities for hotel businesses to reinvigorate the growing demands of a digital traveler. Hospitality industry is looking at technologies which is more customer oriented and has the potential to entice customers, creating long-term brand loyalty. Elements such as growing array of devices, customized solutions, and the accompanying infrastructure are an integral part of this modern transformation.

Improvement in mobile technology is a key factor for the increased interaction between customers and brands, bridging up of the communication gap and easing the journey of a traveler on the move. Several research findings have highlighted that travel and hospitality are second best in generating traffic using Smartphone’s. Travel and hospitality businesses are visibly looking into capitalizing this trend with the introduction of overthe- air update (OTA), newer apps, building and maintaining mobile-friendly websites.

Looking into the mobile travel strategy, usage of tablets among customers has been the reason behind growth of the hospitality sphere. This has made tablet to be the popular choice of device with seven out of ten leisure travelers planning their vacation trip. With studies projecting 44 percent of travelers owning a tablet and a sizeable number of travelers planning to own one in the near future, the tablet is outplaying the Smartphone in selecting destinations and impacting travel planning behavior.

In view of these consumer preferences across different web-enabled devices, the travel and hospitality providers are investing in an array of technologies to be offered as their services on multiple platforms. To help the players in the travel and hospitality sector address their technological challenges, we are presenting a special edition on travel and hospitality technology.

The special edition blends comprehensive insights and expert articles that connect you to refreshing technologies and latest trends that raise the stakes in the travel and hospitality arena. We hope you enjoy reading this edition. Please let us know your opinion.

    Top Featured Vendor (April-June)

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