Pegasus Solutions: A New Chapter in a Long Legacy of Innovation for Hoteliers

Top Featured Vendor (January-March) - 2020

Amidst the acceleration of internet, abundant opportunities await for hospitality companies to reinvigorate the growing demands of digital traveler. In light of this, modern companies are tapping on the potential of customer-centric technologies to entice customers and improve brand loyalty. The growing array of devices, customized solutions, and the accompanying infrastructure integrate on this transformative journey.

For the traveler on the move, the proliferation of mobile technology has been quintessential in bridging the interaction gap between customers and brands. Several research findings have highlighted that travel and hospitality are only second to retain in generating traffic through smartphone usage. With mobile devices playing an integral role in travel bookings, travel businesses are set to capitalize on this trend. The shift is already visible with OTAs, airlines, and hotels following up with newer apps, sending out welcome messages and building mobile-friendly websites.

On the mobile travel strategy continuum, usage of tablets among consumers has acted as the impetus of growth of this sphere. Today, tablet adoption is hitting an all-time high with leisure travelers—seven out of every ten tablet owners— planning their vacation online through tablets. With studies projecting 44 percent of travelers to be owning a tablet and a sizeable number of travelers planning to own one in the near future, the tablet is outplaying the smartphone in selecting destinations and impacting travel planning behavior.

In view of these consumer preferences across different web-enabled devices, the travel and hospitality providers are investing in an array of technologies to offer their services through multiple devices in their pursuit of `Knowing Your Guest Better.’

To help the players in the travel and hospitality sector address their technology challenges, we are presenting a special edition on travel and hospitality technology. The special edition blends comprehensive insights and expert articles that connect you to refreshing technologies and latest trends that raise the stakes in the travel and hospitality arena. We trust you enjoy reading this edition. Please let us know your opinion.

    Top Featured Vendor (January-March)

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  • Pegasus Solutions

    Pegasus Solutions

    Pegasus has recently merged with Cendyn, bringing together two of the leading technology providers in the hospitality industry, helping us deliver on our mission of personalizing and enriching the guest journey. For more information, please visit Cendyn's LinkedIn page.

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