Jason Carron, Owner, Avery Restaurant ConsultingJason Carron, Owner
Arobust digital marketing strategy is the holy grail for restaurant owners to build brand loyalty, boost reputation, and maximize revenue. However, running a successful restaurant in today’s digital world is no easy feat, even for the most seasoned restaurant owners. With the explosive growth of social media and the ubiquity of technology, restaurateurs have to constantly innovate their marketing strategies to impress and amaze their target audience.

With over 30 years of experience in the service and hospitality industry, Avery Restaurant Consulting works closely with clients to create and implement necessary procedures and strategies for their success. From concept to management, the company is committed to helping bars, cafes, and diners turn their ideas into reality through comprehensive restaurant consulting.

“Multiple marketing tools and strategies can be overwhelming, so we develop a clear and simple marketing plan to help clients hit the right demographic and maximize revenue. We start with internal marketing and then help clients reach and engage their target audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter,” says Jason Carron, Owner of Avery Restaurant Consulting.

When it comes to strengthening a brand’s online presence, Avery helps clients build a fast, up-to-date, and informative website with clean, crisp visuals that appeal to the audience. The team then guides clients in implementing an effective SEO strategy, increasing click rates, leveraging advanced analytics, and making the right investments to boost their digital identity.

Adopting a holistic approach to consulting, Avery discusses everything from the menu and ambiance, to aesthetics for crafting a strategy that helps clients create a lasting impression on customers. It also advises clients on the best ways to build a strong connection with the community by creating a welcoming environment, bringing in food bloggers, and arranging food tours.

Avery follows a multi-step process to create a winning marketing strategy, beginning with collaborating with the client to understand their concept, culture, team, and everything that is unique to their brand. Discovering and aligning with clients’ core values, the company creates enduring relationships based on trust and integrity. The Avery team also conducts market analysis and compiles all information to put together a simple yet solid plan that works for the client.

Multiple marketing tools and strategies can be overwhelming, so we develop a clear and simple marketing plan to help clients hit the right demographic and maximize revenue

“We consider different aspects while developing a go-to-market strategy for clients, including private dining, parties, catering, and even the best dish to promote,” says Carron.

With years of experience and passion for helping restaurateurs pursue their dreams, Carron has scripted success stories for many clients. In one instance, Carron and his team helped a long-standing client, Guilford Mooring, to revamp the look and feel of the restaurant and attract more guests. The Avery team worked closely with the client to retrain their staff, redesign the menu, and even bring in contractors to remodel the interiors. They also enabled Guilford Mooring to drive engagement in the local community and connect with more consumers online through a brand new website and social media. With Avery, this beautiful coastal restaurant was able to strengthen its brand presence, both online and offline, and create an ambiance that entices customers to come back for more.

For Avery, “success” boils down to one key factor–– empowering clients to achieve their goals. When a client partners with Avery, they can expect full support from the team whenever they need it. To ensure the same, Carron and his team work proactively with restaurants and is always present at client locations to ensure everything is perfect and goes as planned.