Kristen Moore, Chief Executive Officer , Destinations of DistinctionKristen Moore, Chief Executive Officer
Hospitality has always been at the heart of the tourism industry. What started as a simple provision of a place to rest has evolved into a holistic experience comprising food and beverage, lodging, and recreation. Since COVID-19, however, the hospitality industry is reinventing itself in anticipation of how the behavior of travelers will evolve. Increasing caution around air travel and vigilance on health considerations is driving hoteliers to seek partners that develop insightful business models backed by reliable customer and market datasets. Through a robust data management and analytics infrastructure, hoteliers hope to adapt to the changing market and mitigate emerging issues.

Enter Destinations of Distinction, a company that supports hospitality businesses in overcoming these hurdles with its creative and intuitive sales and marketing strategies that significantly improve their presence and revenue. Since its inception in 2001, Destinations of Distinction has worked toward customizing the scope of its services to align with evolving hospitality needs. Its primary focus is assisting small luxury hotels and resorts that need exposure in the market by bringing them to the forefront of the luxury travel trade and the meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE) tourism market.

“We are a dynamic team, representing travel destinations with a passion for storytelling and strategic marketing in the hospitality space,” says Kristen Moore, chief executive officer, Destinations of Distinction.

Destinations of Distinction represents some of the most unique, finest, and luxurious travel products in the travel trade, with the list organically growing yearly through word-of-mouth. It also leverages its status as part of top travel consortiums (American Express, Virtuoso, travel leaders, and more) and accesses an extensive database of luxury, leisure, group buyers, and travel advisors in the U.S. market to improve sales activities. At the same time, Destinations of Distinction attends major travel trade shows like ILTM and PURE on clients’ behalf to ensure and maintain an impactful presence in the market.

Through successful collaboration with tourism boards and a vast social media presence, Destinations of Distinction helps its clients capitalize on the rising demand for digitalized consumer experiences. A key example is its transition to virtual tools throughout the pandemic. This switch in gears allowed Destinations of Distinction to educate hoteliers about open destinations and protocols, ensuring the availability of timely and relevant data to boost booking processes and lead conversion rates. It also offers online tools for travel advisors to learn about the destinations and the hotels. This way, Destinations of Distinction takes the driver’s seat and steers its clients toward success.
  • We are a dynamic team, representing travel destinations, with a passion for storytelling and strategic marketing in the hospitality space

Recently, Destinations of Distinction assisted a travel trade business with damage control. Initially, the client lost industry partnerships because of their unreliable reputation. They approached Destinations of Distinction to help regain those partnerships and re-establish the trust and loyalty of the hospitality community. After a few years of groundwork with its excellent team of leaders and workforce successfully providing the services, sales strategies, and roadmap that precisely aligned with their business goals, Destinations of Distinction successfully turned the brand into one of the best travel trade businesses in the U.S.

Today, Destinations of Distinction is a flagship hospitality marketing company with a proven track record of launching many hospitality businesses successfully. In this way, Destinations of Distinction’s tailored brand strategies enable hoteliers to increase their revenue with consistent customer acquisition and drive an impactful marketplace presence in the luxury travel space.