Matt Dye, Total Touch Division Director of Sales, Electronic Merchant SystemsMatt Dye, Total Touch Division Director of Sales
Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) is a leading provider of payment processing and merchant services. Since 1988, the company has been helping business owners realize their full potential and grow their financial wellbeing. “We’re headquartered in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio, with offices and agents coast to coast serving tens of thousands of retail, restaurant, and service-based businesses,” says Matt Dye, the Total Touch Division Director of Sales at Electronic Merchant Systems.

EMS has become established in the restaurant point of sale space by offering innovative, constantly evolving payment solutions and outstanding customer service. The company’s customers are looking for cost savings and reliable customer support that can accommodate their schedules. “Therefore, we are committed to offering both the lowest wholesale processing rates in the industry and 24/7/365 live, US-based customer support,” Dye mentions.

Total Touch Point of Sale for Restaurants

In 2018, EMS acquired Total Touch Point of Sale, a point of sale (POS) solution market leader in the hospitality industry. The acquisition brought together two support-focused companies that prioritize customer care. It has also helped accelerate EMS’ software-driven payments strategy by expanding the company’s reach to more business owners and increasing its product offering for restaurants. Today, Total Touch is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EMS and is flourishing in the restaurant management space.

Total Touch is an ideal solution for any restaurant looking to streamline its day-to-day operations. It offers essential modern features such as Online and Mobile Ordering, Split Checks and Tab-to-Table options, CloudBased Reporting, Inventory, and Staff Management, and many more. “Total Touch customers love the impressive benefits we offer, including a guaranteed reduced risk of downtime and user-friendly interface. Plus, we provide profitboosting opportunities restaurant owners won’t find with options like Toast,” says Dye.

For example, restaurant owners who choose to combine the Total Touch solution with payment processing from Electronic Merchant Systems gain access to:
• Free PIN pads
• Next-day funding
• An integrated gift & loyalty card program
• Increased credit or debit card payment security
• Store and forward functionality in case of internet interruption

At the end of the day, Total Touch is a great choice for any restaurant, from a quick-service pizza spot to a fine dining room, because it offers a simply powerful point of sale software designed with effective restaurant management in mind.

Another reason Total Touch stands out from other solutions is because it is built on a hybrid cloud and server-based system. All orders and key business details are stored in the Cloud and backed up on a secure server.

Total Touch customers love the impressive benefits we offer, including a guaranteed reduced risk of downtime and user-friendly interface

This ensures that EMS’ customers will never lose business during an internet interruption, a key differentiator for many restaurant owners.

“We are passionate about restaurant success and make it our mission to help restaurant teams spend less time worrying about point of sale reliability and more time delivering the best dining experience possible to every guest,” Dye asserts.

About Electronic Merchant Systems

Electronic Merchant Systems has a true passion for people and developing healthy, professional relationships. These ideals are best illustrated by the five core values that the company strives to uphold each day: Integrity, Service, Compassion, Dedication, and Innovation.

Everyone who encounters EMS— whether a merchant, Agent, reseller, team member, or guest—can expect to be treated with integrity because the company values honesty and sincerity in its work and interactions with others. EMS counts merchants as part of its family and strives to express this by providing 24/7/365 live, US-based support via phone, email, and chat. “We make it clear that EMS is always here to help,” mentions Dye.

EMS also believes that diversity is essential and part of what makes us great. “EMS celebrates that we all—from team members, to resellers, and merchants - have different backgrounds and unique experiences. We encourage practicing empathy and kindness with one another. Furthermore, we remain loyal to our merchants and team members,” says Dye. The company is committed to providing opportunities, services, and solutions to help each member of its family grow their business or career. All the leaders and team members at EMS also constantly seek opportunities for innovation in their services, solutions, and processes.

Why Merchants Choose EMS

The culture at EMS and especially its commitment to excellent customer service have certainly been selling points over the years. The company is able to offer a level of personalized attention and support merchants simply won’t find with bigger names.

EMS created the right “ingredients list” for its solutions by listening to merchants’ needs and balancing those with the capabilities of current payment and point of sale technology. Through general feedback, one-on-one conversations, and merchant comments and questions, the company learned that many merchants were falling behind while payment technologies were rapidly advancing. So, EMS began developing cost-effective, secure, yet simple solutions to meet the needs of its merchants and empower them to grow their business. “This is a strategy that continues to serve us, and more importantly our merchants, very well,” adds Dye.

EMS makes sure their merchants understand the real-world requirements and benefits of their point of sale or other payment solution by providing educational resources through its blog, YouTube page, and marketing materials. The company also has highly trained and knowledgeable team members who take time to explain precisely how to use a product like Total Touch and why it’s important.

“Electronic Merchant Systems has developed a highly competitive, innovative, and cost-effective restaurant point of sale solution thanks to feedback from our merchants and discerning the trends of the industry. We plan to move forward in this same fashion, with our merchants’ interests at the centre of our growth strategy,” concludes Dye.