Jon Wolfe, CEO, House AdvantageJon Wolfe, CEO
The onset of COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation and transformed consumer behavior across multiple industries. The paradigm shift forced companies to re-evaluate their loyalty programs as a robust channel for communication with active customers through pioneering changes in enhanced analytics and personalization initiatives. That said, a combination of customer understanding, emotional engagement, and experience drives loyalty and increased returns for any business. When designed and executed correctly, loyalty programs can increase visits, spending, brand affinity, advocacy, retention, and market share. Rather than deploying silo loyalty programs within marketing departments, businesses must integrate them into their day-to-day operations and pre-existing technology stack to facilitate swift, streamlined service recoveries post-pandemic. However, it is imperative that any loyalty strategy clearly defines key metrics which articulate the consumer behaviors they want to incentivize. Given how important asset data has become, businesses increasingly focus on enhancing their loyalty scheme by hiring experts and enabling them to customize and align the programs to reflect their customer preferences.

As a full-service loyalty strategy company with deep operational and strategic expertise, House Advantage offers decades of experience managing enterprise-level loyalty programs for the resort, leisure, and entertainment markets. With offices in Las Vegas, Memphis, and Macau, House Advantage offers loyalty and gaming operations consultancy design, engineering. In addition, the company provides a comprehensive, automated omnichannel loyalty stack of technology solutions through its HALo platform. The HALo suite of loyalty solutions is a proven loyalty management platform with over 150 installations worldwide supporting over 100 million patron profiles across various sectors. “We bring a wealth of strategic and marketing experience in supporting and refining a company’s ongoing customer loyalty initiatives and engagement approaches to fit their core business objectives through innovative technologies,” says Jon Wolfe, CEO of House Advantage.

House Advantage’s suite of loyalty solutions,’ HALo’—enables real-time delivery of highly tailored, branded programs and incentives across multiple disparate systems, creating a seamless and engaging universal guest experience. At the center of the HALo Loyalty Management Solution is HALo Core, orchestrating the fundamental tools necessary to configure and manage the enterprise loyalty program. The platform allows users to integrate loyalty programs across consumer touchpoints such as hotel, restaurant, point of sale, spa, and entertainment systems in a coherent, enterprise-wide modus using third-party certified gateways. In addition, HALo was designed to deliver the flexibility and performance to integrate with pre-existing technology stack and meet their specific requirements without the need for a high-cost rip-and-replace scenario or the limitations of a single management system. Users can also rapidly deploy the platform in a cloud-based environment such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon EC2 for reduced infrastructure costs.

We bring a wealth of strategic and marketing experience in supporting and refining a company’s ongoing customer loyalty initiatives and engagement approaches to fit its core business objectives through innovative technologies

Its unique architecture supports accurate ‘big data processing’ with speed to satisfy the demands of real-time transactional processing at a massive scale, such as customer tiers, loyalty currencies, and operations in the program. HALo provides mobile access to all internal patron management functions securely, enterprise-wide on both iOS and Android. Businesses can deploy remote or onsite secure customer touchpoints as a self-service kiosk for patrons to enroll in loyalty programs easily, view and manage their profiles, promotions, offers, events, and rewards, as well as print contest entries, awards vouchers, and more.

Since its establishment in 2004, House Advantage has played a significant role in the gaming industry’s M&A activity as operators achieved their footprint through rapid expansion. “While others in the space are focusing on selling software, we constantly meet with and invest in our clients to enable them to solve their challenges as part of a loyalty strategy team,” explains Wolfe. The company recognized the need for corporations to launch robust loyalty programs within a cost-effective yet aggressive timeframe while providing a consistent customer experience and where ‘rip and replace’ is not a viable option.

Over the years, the company has developed an in-depth understanding of the complexities of adding new properties and removing others through acquisitions by integrating diverse technologies, disparate systems, and various infrastructure throughout multiple jurisdictions. House Advantage’s suite of solutions provided a single “source-of-truth” for an actionable, measurable, and consistent customer experience across the enterprise by offering a comprehensive unifying technology layer bridging disparate technologies of gaming, retail, hospitality, sportsbook, and affiliated partners.

Today, the company is affiliated with gaming’s biggest brands, including multiple Fortune 500 companies and prominent Native American tribes, as a loyalty thought leader and technology innovator for their most critical projects and initiatives. In addition, House Advantage is a Bronze member of AGEM, a recognized company within the Inc 5000, and a certified integration partner with many of its members. “In the current scenario, we are experiencing growing demand from some of the world’s largest and most innovative resort, leisure and entertainment properties choosing our tools to increase customer engagement, drive revenue, and gain competitive advantage,” concludes Wolfe.