Niklas Pettersson, CEO, InstaroomNiklas Pettersson, CEO
Just before the pandemic hit the world, “an increasingly frictionless experience” was a phrase that had been in use in 2019 hospitality trend predictions, which essentially referred to a preference for less intrusive communication between hotels and guests, very high standards of personalized service, and slick operational efficiency. However, despite the new protocols and standards brought along by the pandemic, the travel industry has slowly opened up again and leaders in the travel sector are quickly realizing the benefits associated with deploying an AI chatbot, especially when it comes to providing swift customer service, timely marketing messages and greater personalisation. One such platform is Instaroom, which enables customer bookings and purchase flows through chatbot automation. The company has a messaging ecosystem that enables hotels and travellers to communicate directly.

Founded in 2017 in Berlin, Instaroom is a web-based concierge platform for hoteliers, designed to connect hoteliers directly with travellers, increase direct hotel bookings, and lower overall distribution costs. The company has a team of passionate entrepreneurs in the travel space that believe that the travel distribution space needs to get simplified. Hence, the firm offers conversational bookings and messaging automation for hotels and travellers powered by an artificial intelligence engine that enables hotels to drive more direct bookings and offer a more personalized way to book. The company’s messaging widget and platform help hotels convert more direct revenue opportunities on their website, automate tasks to save the staff’s time both on the phone and on email, and improve the guest experience by providing the guest information where it is most convenient for them. Instaroom has developed three main building blocks; a messaging widget for hotel websites, a messaging b2c travel site and an API platform that will be adaptable to all the property management systems in the hospitality industry. The company envisions a future where customers can book their dream vacation through one simple text message.The company’s dedication has enabled several companies across the globe to trust its solution. By using Instraroom, leading hotels across the world saw an increase of upsells on existing bookings by more than 20 percent in their first month. First Hotels, a collection of hotels with more than 90 properties throughout Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Spain, was one of the first hotel partners to use Instaroom’s beta technology. First Hotels Copenhagen received over 15.000 EUR in direct booking opportunities in the first 6 weeks of employing Instaroom. Further, the company also helped Best Western to increase their direct bookings by more than 14 percent in their first month, leading to a 10 percent increase in ADR for that month. Besides, testimonials from various leaders also prove the company’s vast client base. The Director of Distribution, Pandox, Belgium remarked that Instaroom had helped them tremendously to drive higher revenues from the website. They were also able to save a lot of time on repetitive tasks through Instaroom automation.
  • By using Instraroom, leading hotels across the world saw an increase of upsells on existing bookings by more than 20 percent in their first month

Instaroom functions with the motto of Connect, Interact and Transact. The company engages prospective customers and supports in-house guests through one seamless, user-friendly platform. It offers a branded, automated website widget, localization and personalization that greets all customers in their native language. Instaroom also centralizes all communications across different messaging platforms, including Facebook, WeChat, email and more.