Robert Stevenson, CEO, IntelityRobert Stevenson, CEO
As innovative technologies continue to evolve and impact nearly every aspect of people’s lives, so too have they impacted the way people travel. In today’s interconnected world, travelers are becoming increasingly demanding in how they want to communicate with hotels. For them, it is no longer about only booking a room to stay; it’s more about the entire staying experience, right from the moment they reach out to the hotel until they physically check-out from the hotel.

This shift in consumer behavior is, in turn, pushing hoteliers to respond to such demands and craft more interactive experiences by integrating smart technology into hotel rooms and services. Many hospitality organizations are riding on this digital wave to bring a more seamless and contactless guest experience and improve their overall business outcome, even amid tumultuous times. On that note, the recent COVID-19 pandemic can be regarded as one of the critical milestones in the hospitality industry, keeping physical touchpoints at a bare minimum while improving the guest experience.But while these shifts seemed easier for large hotel businesses, it was comparably much harder for small and medium-sized hoteliers to pivot their operations digitally.

At the core of our guest experience platform liesour proprietary Guest Experience Management System or GEMS module

Enter INTELITY. With over 15 years of experience in hospitality tech, INTELITY focuses on developing solutions around the digital traveler’s journey that can help hotels craft a seamless and contactless guest experience without huge implementation costs.

A trailblazer in hospitality tech, INTELITY has developed many first of its kind hospitality.

Technologies including guest facing tablets, in room service request solutions, mobile key capability, and out of thebox guest experience apps.

“In a way, we can be regarded as the inventors of the concept’ guest experience,’” states Robert Stevenson, CEO of INTELITY. “Our mission, from the start, has always been to provide hoteliers as well as cruise and casino owners with the most advanced guest experience platform available.”

Under the Hood of INTELITY’s Guest Experience Platform.INTELITY’s digital guest experience solutions streamline guest communication while also supporting a suite of back end workflow capabilities like guest ticketing, service recovery, and data intelligence. “At the core of our guest experience platform lies our proprietary Guest Experience Management System or GEMS module. It consolidates multiple back-end processes and serves as the backbone for the entire platform itself,” explains Stevenson. GEMS, in essence, elevates the guest experience while addressing common pain points throughout a hotel’s everyday operations. Whether it’s powering native and web-based mobile apps for the guests, making real time content updates like food and beverage menus, storing inventory details, or facilitating omnichannel guest marketing, GEMS can help hoteliers meet the needs of their guests and staff. Small and medium-sized hotels can also use the guest experience platform to create a superior guest experience while automating their manual workflows.

With over 150 industry-leading hospitality software and hardware solutions, including PMS and POS systems, INTELITY’s guest management platform offers a centralized system that streamlines operations and enables hoteliers to provide a personalized guest experience. “Through our partnerships with leading providers, our platform can seamlessly expand to include additional competencies to help hoteliers elevate their overall guest experience even further,” mentions Stevenson.

“So leveraging both GEMS and other third party integrations, our platform combines a plethora of guest-facing front-end workflows and employee-facing back-end processes under a single pane of glass.”

To best explain how these functionalities help hospitality businesses, Stevenson shared a case study wherein New Jersey based THE GEORGE one of the hotels that continued operations through the pandemic sought INTELITY’s help in making their operation as contactless and seamless as possible. Using the company’s guest experience platform, especially its mobile capabilities, the hotel was able to automate most of its concierge services and functions with a limited staff. THE GEORGE was thus not only able to keep its business running during the pandemic but also support the local frontline workers by offering them a place to stay. “We helped THE GEORGE get through the pandemic as a live property,” adds Stevenson.

Moving ahead, INTELITY is focused on enhancing its technical capabilities further in the coming months. Particularly, as travel and tourism resume in the post-pandemic world, a superior guest experience will become an even more critical success factor for every business. “We are already seeing a lot of requests for mobile check-in. But with us, hotels will get more than a superior guest self check in capability because we want to prepare hoteliers for that future from now,” concludes Stevenson.