Franci Edgerly, CEO And Founder, ITI Digital Inc.Franci Edgerly, CEO And Founder
“Technological advances have changed how we travel, and these new developments promise more interactive and exciting experiences.”

As we all know, travel experiences start from the Google search to landing on the travel brand website. Travelers are searching for the “aaaaaah” moment. Whether it is for watching the sunset at the destination on their bucket list, attending the career-changing company meeting, or hanging the Lynyrd around their neck and meeting people in a conference, people love to travel. We love the experiences. We travel because we want to; the annoyances of the airport are outweighed by the inherent thrill of being in someplace new.

New technologies create higher expectations on how we connect with travel brands before, during, and after a trip. The buyer journey starts when a potential traveler decides on a destination, how to get there, where to stay, and what to do while they are at their destination. Generally, every buyer follows three steps in the decision-making process before becoming a traveler: awareness, consideration, and decision.

With thirty years of experience in the travel industry, spanning two continents, ITI Digital, Inc is a software company focused on assisting travel organizations in accomplishing their goals with technology-based content strategies and travel tools and improving their bottom line. They help destination marketing organizations and vacation rental companies connect with their audiences and increase their market share. It is self-evident that promoting a destination and engaging the traveling audience with destination-relevant content will be an enormous asset to airlines and hotels to connect with their target audiences and grow customer loyalty, a strategy worth considering.

Discussions about the tech revolution in travel is no longer hypothetical. The travel industry has adopted unique technologies that have changed how we all travel. Over the next twelve months, travel experts forecast that we will witness a continual change in how we take trips. The early adoption of technology by the travel industry demonstrates that leadership is forward-thinking in its audience service offerings. How destination content is delivered to engage visitors along with static content will be the next pinnacle for the travel market that will have a positive and far-reaching impact on brand managers of destinations, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and vacation rental companies.

The Travel Journey Starts from the Brand Website

“We believe the future of websites includes automated and interactive content,” says Franci Edgerly, CEO and Founder of ITI Digital. Promoting the uniqueness and diversity of a destination with interactive information and inspiring travel suggestions contributes to the sales of airline tickets, hotel rooms, and vacation rentals. In turn, it supports the patronage of restaurants, attractions, and events that significantly contribute to the travel ecosystem. As a result, all travel industry segments work together to drive the travel economy.

This is a huge opportunity for all travel brands to develop relationships with their customers that go beyond an airline ticket or a hotel room and for destination marketing organizations seeking to increase their digital footprint and promote their destinations

The key to success for any travel brand is to inform and educate travelers on a destination. “Our experience as destination marketing specialists and deep understanding and knowledge of travel audiences was the driving force behind our passion and commitment to create software solutions that automatically deliver real-time updated events calendar and business listings content as well as interest-specific itineraries to enhance the visitor experience. The importance of this strategy is that the content we deliver through the system had to be relevant to the traveler’s decision-making process and contribute to the individual experiences, when they are at the destination,” says Edgerly. “As destination marketers with extensive experience in the industry, we know that dynamic and interactive destination information dramatically influences travel decisions,” she notes.

An Innovative Software as a Service Suite for Personalized Travel Experiences

One of the Software as a Service (SaaS) trends that is taking the industry by storm is the wide adoption of vertical SaaS. Most cloud platforms are horizontal SaaS, which target a broad audience in the industry. They typically satisfy common business needs. Vertical SaaS tools are usually developed by people with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the specific industry it targets. As a result, companies within those industries enjoy features designed for processes that are unique to them.

ITI Digital developed a vertical SaaS product specifically for the travel industry that will positively affect the bottom line of any organization. The software overcomes the challenges web developers and contents strategist face, generate destination-specific real-time updated content that will resonate with the end users, and support an organization’s overall goals, fundamentally improving their competitive edge in the market.
Organizations are empowered to edit the content before publishing it to their website and offer mobile-friendly information that will “travel” with the customer or visitor - from the website to their destination. In addition, the automatically updated information includes an organization’s brand identity and offers visitor/customer/guest a customized experience that promotes brand loyalty.

The ITI Digital Software Suite includes daily events, Google places, business listings, and Instagram UGC. The SaaS also features GPS-enabled suggested itineraries and a custom trip planner. The software delivers daily updated real-time content, incorporating local events – big and small, restaurants, shopping, and attractions – within a geo-location to a DXP, digital experience platform. Organizations can edit images and descriptions from the platform or add an event or a business. The content is published on the appropriate website upon approval with a click of a button.

Offering More than Just Amenities – Providing an ‘Experience’

Take a moment and consider the ITI Digital SaaS Travel Suite as an equivalent of a mobile-friendly digital travel guide that is customizable for each traveler. “We believe this is a huge opportunity for all travel brands to develop relationships with their customers beyond an airline ticket or a hotel room and for destination marketing organizations, seeking to increase their digital footprint and promote their destinations,” notes Edgerly.
  • ITI Digital developed a vertical SaaS product specifically for the Travel Industry that will positively affect the bottom line of any organization

Why do websites have to evolve to stay competitive?

The reason is simple. Travelers expect more than a static business listing, transportation, or housing. Due to the high standard of this dynamic industry, customers have come to expect that airlines and hotels will deliver a quality product, which they do. The ITI Digital SaaS content solutions offer the opportunity to connect audiences with destination content customized to their individual needs when they start their buying journey. Content, as already stated, will “travel” with them and contribute to their experience as a tourist or a business traveler.

A Game Changer

ITI Digital DXP SaaS, with its innovative vision of the future of website content strategies, is laser-focused on its perspective and focus, which is the end-user experience. With the leadership and passion of its founder with travel marketing in her DNA, the company is setting new standards for website content strategies beyond video integration. Edgerly is leading a profoundly knowledgeable and passionate team of software engineers and digital strategists that continues to innovate, taking advantage of new technologies and contributing to the success of their clients.

As Peter Drucker, the influential Austrian-American author, mentor, and consultant, considered the father of modern business management, stated, “the greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence itself, but to act with yesterday’s logic.” If we simply “restart,” it equals yesterday’s logic or doing everything like before. To “reset” means to reinvent everything with no logic. But to “rethink” is to use tomorrow’s logic.

It is time for brand developers, digital marketers, and content strategists to rethink with the help of ITI Digital.