David Nickel, Founder, Jadewolf MarketingDavid Nickel, Founder
Exclusivity is the new zeitgeist of luxury travel and hospitality. Affluent travelers are increasingly seeking brands that align with their value systems and deliver one-of-a-kind experiences. However, the proliferation of online travel agencies (OTAs) and the resulting decline in brand value has made differentiating the exclusive and curated experiences that luxury brands entail a herculean task.

This is where the digital marketing agency Jadewolf comes in to help luxury travel and hospitality brands connect with affluent travelers and regain their exclusivity. Jadewolf helps luxury brands design and build digital marketing funnels that engage customers from the first ad creative to the final experience feedback, increasing direct bookings and leads. From strategic and paid media services to web experience and analytics services, Jadewolf enables brands to decrease their reliance on OTAs across the board. It saves them from losing their brand equity and pricing power, ultimately improving their profit margin in the long run.

Jadewolf creates accurate and realistic online buyer personas based on real world data from internal and external sources. It leverages luxury marketing principles and neuromarketing to make accurate customer profiles incorporating 15 to 20 factors, including value systems, emotional archetypes, cognitive bias, preferences, technology affinity, and media consumption behavior. Based on these personas, Jadewolf then designs digital marketing funnels that help clients deliver a more personalized web booking experience.

“When developing digital marketing strategies for clients we usually use a full-funnel approach that covers the awareness, consideration, and purchase stages of an affluent buyer’s journey.” says David Nickel, founder, Jadewolf.

Jadewolf also designs engaging ad creatives to increase clickthroughs and traffic to their client websites. They utilize the reach of publishers and influencers to advertise content for brand and direct marketing purposes. This is where true luxury travel brands can convey their philosophy in terms of service and exclusivity directly to their customers. Jadewolf’s creative design team helps entice high-end customers with the right copywriting and aesthetics that align with their specific client’s brand. Along with the creative aspect, the technical side of the website is also given a makeover by Jadewolf, eliminating common challenges like slow loading and irrelevant content building blocks. Affluent customers who expect a high degree of customization are taken to a more personalized funnel, which leverages automation and augments the customer experience using CDP or CRM/MAPfed solutions. Opt-in mechanisms like chatbots, forms, and pop-ups enable data collection at different suitable touchpoints, which incentivizes travelers to make the booking right on the spot.
  • When developing digital marketing strategies for clients we usually use a full-funnel approach that covers the awareness, consideration, and purchase stages of an affluent buyer’s journey

Jadewolf provides client support for robust analytics tools as well that analyze and generate insights into how direct bookings are happening across the funnel, which can also be used to create better future campaigns. The new iterations help the brands improve the individual blocks of their marketing funnel and generate a massive return on investment. Jadewolf also helps larger brands with conversion rate optimization by redesigning their websites, landing pages, and email templates based on A/B tests to improve things like visual and information hierarchy. Their newest thought leadership piece is a recently conducted research study about the digital marketing excellence of over 30 luxury hospitality brands that includes individual scoring. The company aims to generate new insights this way that can aid hospitality marketers in devising new digital marketing strategies. Jadewolf’s main mission is to create innovative digital marketing solutions for luxury travel and hospitality brands, helping them embark on the journey to become future market leaders in a digital first world.