With the travel and hospitality industry gradually recovering from the blow of the pandemic, businesses are leaving no stone unturned to let travellers hit the road all over again and steer the industry towards a steady revival. From tour and travel operators to resorts and hotels, businesses are exploring new vistas of digital transformation, quickly adapting strategies and embracing changes to create an impactful customer experience. Travelers now seek convenience, safety, and fewer touch points. Be it online booking, contactless check-in, or 24/7 digital concierge, travellers prefer tech-enabled self-service at every step of the booking process. Now more than ever, hoteliers need to have a strong online presence to connect with guests in a creative and interactive way. MobenIT provides these companies with an opportunity to upscale their web traffic and build sales potential.

MobenITis a hosted microsite solution that is easily adaptable with hotel brands and can be embedded in their websites and mobile apps, enabling hoteliers to offer services to clients at any point in time and start generating mobility revenue with a notable online presence.

MobenIT provides booking intelligence solutions along with an AI chatbot concierge service to enhance travelers' experiences. MobenIT’s booking intelligence platform, through its simple graphical interface and in-built usage visualisation tools, provides an efficient, centralised booking application system and virtual tours that are designed to give guests a glimpse of vacation destinations for hotels. This makes it easier for guests to book rental or private vehicles and roadside assistance anywhere at any time. With all booking information, including cancellations and returns, in one safe and secure location, the clutter of paper bookings and appointment books can at last be quelled. MobenIT’s AI-powered chatbot concierge service, a part of its booking intelligence platform, can be the most sensible travel technology investment hotels can make to improve customer experiences by enabling hotels to communicate with their guests instantly and in a personalised way regardless of staff availability. With this chatbot, guests can check in and out, make reservations, and even ask for local restaurant recommendations. The chatbots are multilingual and good at answering common questions that have standard answers, and hence are helpful in time management and cost reduction. Whenever the chatbot is unable to answer a question, its in-built AI functionalities change it to human support for a seamless conversation experience. Besides, the chatbot is designed to empower guests by providing real-time assistance, such as exclusive recommendations for both popular and little-known sights in the area and even making restaurant bookings.

MobenIT provides booking intelligence solutions along with an AI chatbot concierge service to enhance travelers' experiences

What’s more interesting is that MobenIT can even customise its booking intelligence platform as per the specific challenges of a particular organization. This subsequently opens a series of marketing opportunities for hotels by prioritising affiliated restaurants, shops, or tours through the chatbot. It is also easy to use, as all booking communication is done on social applications that guests already have on their smartphones, such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

In the wake of the global health crisis that has changed the way people communicate, work, and businesses engage with their customers, these technological advancements are timely and necessary for the long-term success of the travel and hospitality sector. Taking cognizance of this metamorphic phase in the hospitality industry, MobenIT’s cutting-edge solutions will continue to empower travellers in choosing and scheduling their travel itineraries from a wide range of options for vehicle booking, hotel accommodation, and tourist attractions. Now hoteliers can be more connected to their staff across all departments and be all the more focused on enhancing customer service and their experiences based on their feedback.